Patch 1.4 Highlights

Patch 1.4 has hit the test servers and while it may not be Biowares most robust update there are a handful of interesting changes along with a new Operation complete with a new set of gear. On the PVP end of things the resolve system and each class’s crowd control abilities have undergone a major revamp in the hopes of both reducing the amount of instant, long range crowd control abilities and instances of CC immunity due to overlapping control abilities. For a look at some of the major changes coming in Patch 1.4 read on.

Terror From Beyond

The sole piece of new endgame content in Patch 1.4 is the new operation Terror From Beyond. It’s offered in both 8 and 16 man versions with two difficulties Story and Hard. Completing the operation will require that you defeat five new bosses, said to be some of the most challenging yet.

The story behind Terror from Beyond takes place on the Gree planet of Asation where an ancient device called the Hypergate has activated itself. Since then a whole whack of terrible baddies has been pouring out and threaten to challenge even the Empire and Republic civilizations. Your team must land on the planet, defeat the enemies that have already passed through, and close down the Hypergate for good.

This new operation is also where you’ll receive the newest tier of PVE gear, though it will have to be done in Hardmode to attain it.

Stun Me Two Times

As mentioned before there have been sweeping changes to the controversial resolve system, coupled together with changes to class control abilities that should make for an interesting change to PVP. But that’s not all; there have also been tweaks to AoE knockback abilities that will change them into a more targeted attack rather than the blast in all directions we have become accustom to.

In terms of specific class changes it looks as though Bioware wanted to bring long range insta-stuns like Electro-Dart and Force Stun on more of an equal playing field with other CC abilities that require an activation time or a pre-requisite state (i.e. Being in stealth) to activate. The route they’ve taken to do this is a drastic reduction in range for Electro Dart, Cryo Grenade, Electrocute, and Force Stun down to 10m. The only exception to this rule will be the Gunslinger and Sniper which will still have their Flash Bang/Grenade on account of them being quite helpless when presented with a foe within melee range.

The Resolve changes themselves on two fronts, the accumulation of resolve, and when that resolve will begin to decay.  In the case of the former, how much resolve is gained for CC attack placed on a target is now dependent on the strength CC ability currently on that target, and how much time is left on that CC. Simply put if your team spams their crowd control abilities on a single target all at once, each ability (with the exception of the first) will add very little resolve to the meter. The less time remaining on the current CC effect on the target, the more your incoming CC will build resolve. Once that target has become immune to CC effects the resolve bar will not decay until all controlling abilities have worn off, as opposed to the previous method where it would slowly decay after the player became immune.

Finally we have the changes to Force Wave and Overload. Previously these two 360 knockback abilities would any players who happened to be nearby the Consular/Inquisitor in all directions. This being deemed a poor experience by all affected, it has now been changed to a frontal cone attack that will now throw anyone caught within the 15 meter 120 degree area in front of the player. The Mercenary and Commando’s similar ability has not been affected due to its longer cooldown and the fact that it is an advanced class ability.

The Grinning Sith

If you’ve ever wondered what a Sith Warrior with mutton chops looks like with a ridiculous grin on his face, wonder no more. The new facial emote system will allow those who have been suppressing their emotions these last 9 months to let it all hang out. Just win a hard fought PVP battle? Throw on that happy face. Your tank just bail in the middle of a Flashpoint? An angled brow and extreme frown will let the rest of your party know just how you feel without saying a word.

The new emotes can be found in the social tab on the chat window along with all the other emotes.

Dress to Impress

All the companions out there looking to let their hair down will soon be able to do so. An option to hide your companions head slot will be included with patch 1.4. In addition to this players will now also have the option of matching their companions outfit color to chest. No more mis-matched armor for Mr. Riggs.

New Tier of Gear

Accompanying the new operation Terror from Beyond will be a new tier of gear entitled the Dread Guard Gear. Upon release it will become the most powerful set of PVE armor available in game, and can be gotten from the various bosses of Terror from Beyond Hardmode.

Items of Interest

While not bullet points the following changes warrant mention.

  • Voidstar- In the event that neither team breaches the first set of doors, the winner of the match is now the team that scored the most kills.
  • Level 50 daily Warzone missions (No Quarter and March Them Down) now only require 4 Warzone completions (down from 6). Winning a Warzone still counts as an extra completion.
  • The majority of offhand items can now be modified. Shields, Generators, and Foci accept Armoring modifications, and Vibroknives and Shotguns accept Barrels. Additionally, they can contain Color Crystal, Mod, and Enhancement slots (though the Color Crystal slot does not currently impact the visuals of the item). Note that there are some exceptions – not all offhands can be modified. Due to this change, previously damaged offhand items will be fully repaired, but items on the GTN or in the mail will have their durability reduced to 0 and will need repairs.
  • Bind on pickup and Bind on Legacy items can now be traded for up to 2 hours between players that were eligible to loot the item.
  • Items purchased from a vendor can now be sold to any vendor for full purchase price (in commendations) for up to 2 hours. Stackable items and mission items cannot be traded or sold back for full value. The 2 hour time is terminated if a mod is added or removed or an augment slot is added. Bind on Equip items cannot be refunded (in commendations) if they are traded, mailed, put in a guild bank, or listed on the GTN.


They are lowering the cost of remoding gear as well... that's my favorite piece of news... until they show us what the new gear will LOOK like

The new gear looks the same as campaign just a different color, red i believe.. So lame

"Completing the operation will require that you defeat five new bosses, said to be some of the most challenging yet" Once again can't be that hard if ppl on the PTR have already cleared it. Swtor is done. Go play another game cause this one will not survive.

This game could not survive only if listening to such silly advices.

In which mode did they clear it? Story mode has to accessible to all.... If its Hard Mode that's another story.

I'd like to see some different hairstyles or the hair improved so it looks less like a helmet. Other than that, some trousers for light armour - especially for the Inquisitors ... going into battle in a dress is a bit silly (unless you're a Jedi).

New gear? There's no new gear. They're bringing out the same crappy looking gear we have now with the only difference being it's color. They only added new color but the gear is the same. This is BioWares "new gear." Armor dedigners for top level armor need to be fired for designing such garbage. You have big block head helmets with horns. Helmets with feather. feathers that look more like big bird the anything. To make it short. The games armor designs are the worse in any MMO. And here I thought, Wow's was bad.

The gear may look like the same gear thats out except in different color, but as stated above and on the swtor website, it explains how the gear is the best for PVE. Hater will hate.

No explaination makes up for BioWare bringing the same ugly lame gear and then on top of this, they call it "New Armor." People aren't hating, they're just expressing the truth. As for guys like you, well, brown nosing will never die.

They wasted so much time on dumb emotes and instead of new armor designs, they bring the same lame ugly armor the game has now. Only difference is the color. How lame is that? BioWare has been so disappointing with this game. The game feels like a PS3 or X-Box game instead of an MMO. There can be over 200 players at the fleet and still, it feels like you're there alone. I had so much hope for this game to succeed and it's been all in vain. I really wanted to like the game and I stood long enough to make 3 level 50's a 35 and a 36 along with a 21. I also reached 400 on every single crafting profession. I saw so many players quit and I felt bad for the game. But after a while, I understood their frustration and why they left. Soon enough, I was just like them. I felt bored and very frustrated with BioWare and their lack of making the game interesting. I hate admitting it, but SWTOR is just another statistic in the grave yard of dead games.

They're doing the same thing WoW does. They're making changes for the sake of making them. Stupid changes at that. What was the need to change the "smash' so not everyone around you was knocked back? Makes no sense. Anyway, I played since the game went live and I just canceled a few weeks ago. I got tired of being bored every time I logged in. I guess the straw that broke the camels back for me was they supposedly bought in new armor which turned out to be the same ugly armor they have now but in one or two different colors. That did for me. It's all I needed to be pushed over the edge. I wanted the game to succeed so badly but it became apparent, BioWare wasn't doing what was needed. Now, I'm very bitter over what's transpired. I hate the fact I had to quit after so much anticipation over this game.

I activated my account in 2009. That makes it pretty clear how long I waited, and just how much I anticipated the release of this game. I personally, blame EA for this. I have never seen Bioware push garbage like this back when they were on their own 2 feet. Someone blamed designers for this "new gear". It's not them, it's EA refusing to invest any more until it goes F2P. Anyone else notice the exodus of old Bioware employees leaving EA / SWTOR? Once those microtransactions start rolling in, then you will see everything you ever wanted to see in this game. Bait-then they will give you the gear you want, when you have to buy it, literally. I endorsed this game to everyone I knew. Now, it literally saddens me how bad they hammered this game into the ground. The potential was there, but company greed and marekting refused to acknoowledge player requests, they simply catered to the demands of the investors. As much I as loved this game and wished for it's success, for this reason, i was glad to see it fail. Maybe these huge companies like EA will think again before using an IP like this for a piggy bank. Then again, they won't.

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