Patch 1.5 Highlights

It looks as though Bioware is holding true to its promise of a more regular and speedy release of new content in the form of smaller patches with its latest installment patch 1.5, now live on the PTS. New in the update are an increased difficulty for the Operation Explosive Conflict, an all-new daily hub on the planet Belsavis, and a new companion in the form of dreaded assassin droid HK-51. For a quick look at Patch 1.5’s bullet points read on.

New Companion

The droid everyone has been waiting to fight along-side is here and can be obtained by completing a chain quest that will take players across the galaxy looking for spare parts. The quest can be picked up in the new daily mission hub on Belsavis, where they will have to find the crashed shipment of droids and then go looking for the spare parts. Do to the high level of the quest; HK-51 can only be gotten by level 50 players.

Section X Daily Hub & World Boss

While dailies may not be the most exciting thing in the world, this new hub of them comes with an undiscovered portion of Belsavis to discover. “Section X” as it’s called is a part of the elaborate prison located on Belsavis and is also the scene of the recent revival of the Dread Guard. Quests in the area involve taking down the Dread guards and come in both the weekly/daily and normal/+2/+4 heroic variety.

If you’re looking for an even bigger challenge then you may want to keep your eyes peeled for Dreadtooth (guy in the banner), the new world boss taking up residence in Section X. If you do manage to take him down once however you may want to stick around as he will return with a temporary buff that will make him a lot tougher to take down, but with the added benefit of providing greater rewards. The exact length the buff lasts and how long he takes to respawn has not yet been discovered.

Nightmare Mode

Those of you who have breezed through Explosive conflict will now be able to crank up the difficulty for the operation. The nightmare mode will reportedly differ in mechanics as well as general difficulty and provide a new source of Dread Guard gear and speeder to boot.


-          Fat Bottomed Jedi and Sith need not feel self-conscious anymore; robes that previously painted an unflattering portrait of their wearers posterior have been hemmed and adjusted accordingly.

-          Droids can now be pimped out even further with the new selection of droid armor located at the Daily Commendation vendor on Ilum

-          Campaign level Armoring Mods can now be purchased using Blackhole Commendations from the Blackhole vendor. They go for between 36-44 comms a piece depending on the item they fit.

-          Also new to the Daily Commendations vendor are Dread Guard relics. They go for 300 comms a pop, and are a decent upgrade over the popular warhero relics when it comes to a PVE setting.

With only around two weeks’ time between the live launch of patch 1.4 and the emergence of patch 1.5 on the PTS is certainly breaks all records of Bioware’s previous patch deployments by a long shot. What do you think of patch 1.5? Are smaller, faster patches the way to go, or would you rather wait longer and dive into a lot of content all at once?


I'm a casual player with only 3 50's since launch, new content more often does not matter to players like myself. I'll eventually get around to it.

As altholic :-) have 8 alts, for 4 every class on rep and imp side. Another 8 are in work, all halfway to top. SWTOR is the best game ever for me of all times. I'm 50 yrs old and have tried pretty a lot of games. Swtor is only game I have been playing without interruptions for 7 to 8 months. My joy to play was great from day 1 all this time. And it is the only game ever where I have continued to play all my 8 alts past "ding" at lev. 50. Wanted so badly to see how class chain will end. Never ever have seen in any game better chain, with so many twists that all the rest does not make up. Momentarely I'm playing MOP, have before tried TSW, CO resubbed, ... But still I'm happy for time when I will return to SWTOR. Love it, but no matter how much one can love some food, can not eat that food 5 times per day and for decades. From time to time detour is needed to keep will to play fresh.

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