Patch 1.6 PTS Overview

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Hot on the heels of Patch 1.5 which brought us F2P and the assassin droid HK-51, patch 1.6 has hit the PTS server with a new warzone, gear sets, and heroic Space Combat missions. While the new warzone “Ancient Hypergate” has been known to be coming for a while the introduction of endgame space combat missions came as a bit of a surprise, and offers a new way to earn Black Hole Commendations. Without further ado, we take a look at some of the defining features of Patch 1.6.

Ancient Hypergate Warzone

PVP’ers rejoice, the new warzone Ancient Hypergate will be included in patch 1.6. Set on an ancient Gree Hypergate facility the Republic and Imperial forces fight to charge up their gate to allow reinforcements to come through. There’s one gruesome catch however, the gates can only be powered up by killing members of the opposing team.

Here’s how it works. There are two pylons, one to the east and one to the west which will emit a wave of energy killing anyone not in the bunker every 2.5 minutes or so. In the center is the bunker with four cubes. In order to gain “energy” for your hypergate you must kill enemy players and have at least one pylon controlled when the wave goes off. When the death wave goes off all kills made before the wave went off will be added to your total energy score. The multiplier for how many points you get per kill will increase every wave and will be double if you control both the pylons at the time of the wave. Another way to gain energy is by controlling the cubes in the central bunter which yield about the same as a kill but are automatically added to your total. The first team to fill their energy bar wins the match, activating the hypergate allowing their team to bomb the heck out of the enemy.

Level 50 Heroic Space Combat Missions

There’s a new batch of space missions to be found on board your ship, specially designed for level 50 players. The heroic grade space combat missions come with a daily quest that yields blackhole commendations when completed. The missions are quite difficult and have a minimum ship item level of 7 (artifact). Luckily there’s also a new selection of Grade 7 Artifact quality space ship upgrades that you can purchase from the fleet vendor for fleet commendations/blackhole commendations, or craft via cybertech.

Advanced Gear Tokens

Much like the PVP gear token, the new introduction to Advanced Gear Token will introduce players to the group finder system and give them enough Tionese commendations to trade for a complete set of Tionese Gear. Upon reaching level 50 players will receive an in game mail with a datapad that will award them the tokens and run them through a short tutorial on gearing up your player at endgame. Hopefully this will help ease the transition of some of the new F2P’ers into endgame mode when they ding level 50.

That about wraps up the major talking points for Patch 1.6, what do you think of what the patch has to offer. Is it enough? A little disappointed with the addition of more dailies? Let us know in the comments below!