Patch 1.7: Return of the Gree Overview

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Patch 1.7 has gone live and brought with it some impressive new additions to the Old Republic. The first and most substantial of these of course being the new Galactic Reputation System, which will allow players to complete quests for certain factions and increase their standing with them. Also included in the update is the Relics of the Gree event, which will hopefully breathe new life into planet Ilum’s Western Ice Shelf. For a detailed rundown of Patch 1.7 simply scroll down!

Galactic Reputation System

SWTOR has finally joined the league of every other MMO and given its citizens reputation to chase. Initially there are six factions that you can gain reputation with, the full details of which you’ll find in our Reputation Rundown.

Reputation is gained by completing specific missions for these factions, which upon completion will give you an item that is consumed to add the reputation to your standing. There is a weekly cap on how much reputation you can earn on a per faction basis, however if you do go over that reputation will be added the next reset. At certain ranks of reputation you will unlock items and titles; the items being purchasable at the faction reputation vendor.

If you’re thinking this is just another time sink, you’re only partially right. Yes you do have to grind the same daily missions to increase your reputation with a faction, but the difference this time around is that all reputation is tied to your legacy. Any reputation gained with your characters will be good for all characters in that legacy.

Relics of the Gree

Ilum is getting its first taste of action since the first few months after launch with the Relics of the Gree set to last 2 weeks. The Gree have landed and are looking for adventurers to search an ancient ship of theirs for relics.

Gaining entrance to the vessel requires that you increase your reputation with the Gree first by completing daily missions, which come in the PVE and PVP variety, the latter rewarding more reputation.

Rewards for the event include some snazzy new gear including different colored varieties of Tron inspired armor. There are also some similarly themed weapons available, all of which require a fairly high standing to purchase from the Gree.

Legacy Titles and New Cartel Pack

A new form of title has been introduced with Patch 1.7. The Legacy titles take the place of your characters surname and do not replace the title that precedes your characters name.

The final Cartel Pack has also been added to the game. For 360CC players can buy the pack, which is said to contain the most exclusive items yet.

Patch 1.7 contains some pretty impressive additions to the game, and is definitely some reassurance that F2P is working out for the game everyone had declared dead (I’m sure Cartel Packs had nothing to do with this…). The most exciting item in my opinion however is the continuation of events and the promise of more, and return of previous, events.