Patch 2.0 Commendation Changes

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Patch 2.0 is changing many aspects of the Old Republic many that have been explained by the Devs and been made very clear since the patch hit the PTS. There is one change however that is fairly substantial yet managed to slip under most people’s radar. I’m talking about the change to SWTOR’s commendation system, which will alter the way in which commendations work for both the leveling and endgame process.

New Universal Planetary Commendations

To start with all planetary commendations have been melded into one easy to use commendation aptly dubbed the “Planetary Commendation”.  These commendations are still gathered the same way, but with a few new methods of acquisition.

·      By completing certain planetary quests and

·       Random drops planet side

·      Completing the Daily Group Finder Mission (awards 5 Commendations)

·      By trading warzone commendations at a rate of 40 warzone commendations for 1 planetary

 The reward for the planetary commendations has also remained the same. All of the specific item vendors for each planet still remain but now all accept the new planetary commendation as payment. The vendors can be found in their usual spot on fleet, or in the major hubs on planets.

The cap for Planetary Commendations has also been changed to reflect the new universal nature of he currency. 100 Planetary Commendations can be held at one time with a weekly gather limit of 50.

Endgame Commendations (LVL 50)

The changes to endgame commendations are much like that of the planetary commendations in that all of the older comms i.e. Tionese, Black Hole, Columi and Daily, have been combined into one currency called the “Classic Commendation”. When the patch rolls around all of your current commendations will be converted using the following ratios.

·      Black Hole – 1:1

·      Daily – 4:1

·      Columi – 4:1

·      Tionese – 6:1

You can gather the new Classic Commendations the same way you would gather many of the old comms. By completing lvl 50 Flashpoints, Operations, and Daily Quests on Ilum, Belsavis and Black Hole areas.

Of course these too have a cap on them, which is set at 400 with a weekly limit of 200.

Basic, Elite, and Ultimate Commendations

These commendations are the new lvl 50-55 PVE gear currencies that will be set in place with patch 2.0.  The quality of the commendations, and thus the gear they give, goes from Basic to Elite to Ultimate. Caps for the new commendations are 400 storage 200 weekly for Basic, 300 storage 150 weekly for Elite and Ultimate.

How you get them:


·      Makeb Quests

·      Level 50 Hardmodes

·      Weekly Priority Targets (World Boss) mission


·      Level 55 Hardmode Flashpoints

·      Level 55 Operations

·      Weekly Priority Targets (World Boss) mission


·      Weekly Galactic Conflicts- complete 3 lvl 55 Hardmode Flashpoints

·      Weekly Scum and Villany

All of the commendations can be turned in to their respective vendors on the fleet station.