Patch 2.0 PTS Overview

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It’s hard to believe that patch 2.0 has already made its way to the test servers and brought with it an increase in the level cap to 55. This doesn’t mean that all of the old flashpoints and content we have enjoyed for so long are now redundant, as right off the bat at least four will have hard modes available for lvl 55 players.

If you want to get in on the testing action and experience the patch first hand it’s easier than ever with the new PTS character copy tool. You’ll find it in “My Account” on the official SWTOR site. After you’ve transferred your character, log into the PTS server and go to the supply area of the fleet. There you will find the new level booster, which will increase your characters level to 55. Before you dive in though, why not take a look at some of the major changes that came with patch 2.0.


First SWTOR added the much requested achievements and it looks as though they are continuing with their trend of “keeping up with the jones’es” by adding everyone’s favorite in game drug, Achievements. Much like everything else in The Old republic the new Legacy Achievements will be tied to your legacy, so what’s unlocked for one character is unlocked for all. Rewards for completing achievements include things like titles and vanity items.

Increased Level Cap

We all knew it was coming when Rise of the Hutt Cartel was announced and you can get a head start testing out the new levels on the PTS. While the new planet Makeb and much of the expansion’s content is being tested internally and is not available on the PTS, you can try out some of the lvl 55 hardmodes. Additionally, every single class has received a skill and ability overhaul, so be sure and get your time in and leave your feedback on your favorite class.

New Operation and Hardmode Terror From Beyond

First off in the operations realm is the new one Scum and Villainy. Continuing with the underworld theme of the expansion, Scum and Villainy takes place on the outer rim world of Darvannis where players must take out a mysterious force that is gathering an army of Warlords and Mercenaries for some unknown purpose. The new operation will come complete with seven new bosses and be doable in four difficulties. You’ll find the entrances to the new Operation in the Ziost Shadow or Garov Dragon, depending on your faction.

Terror from beyond has been out for a while and people have wanted a Nightmare mode of it for about the same period of time. That need has been answered with patch 2.0 with the operation being scaled up in difficulty and level up to 55.

Class Changes

There have been to sweeping changes to all classes of The Old Republic including the addition of all new abilities and re tooling of the skill trees. For a full account of the changes be sure and check back soon.

What addition are you looking forward to the most in patch 2.0? Let us know in the comments below.