Patch 2.2 PTS Summary

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Continuing with their aggressive content release schedule, Patch 2.2 has hit the PTS servers with some new guild bonuses, difficulty modes for operations and a few other improvements and fixes. One thing that should be noted before hand is that character transfers are still slated to make it in with Patch 2.2, but were not listed in the patch notes. It definitely isn’t one of the larger patches to arrive but there is some good stuff in there so let’s take a look!

Guild Bonuses

Players now have a very good reason to socialize and group up into guilds. A guild XP bonus will now be applied to any character that is currently in a guild. Starting at a base bonus of 5%, members of the guild will be able to receive up to a ten percent XP bonus as it increases by 1% for every 5 unique accounts in the guild. Do the math and you’ll have to be in a guild with 25 unique members to receive the full 10%. The XP bonus will be applied to all of your AWTOR activities.

The good news is that it seems that the bonus will be available to F2P guilds as well. An excellent way to offset some of the XP lost when playing in F2P mode.

Stun Breaks

Previously if you died having used your stun break just prior, the cooldown would not reset on respawn. This has been changed and now all stun breaks will have their cooldowns reset whenever you come back to the land of the living.

Nightmare Modes

Terror from Beyond will finally be receiving a Nightmare complete with it’s own more valuable loots. The story mode version of the operation will also get an upgrade to its drops as follows.

  • The Writhing Horror now drops the Arkanian Bracer Token
  • The Dread Guard now drops an additional random Black Market Item

While not dropping immediately with patch 2.2, the Nightmare mode for Legions of Scum and Villainy will be available for preview in the patch 2.2 PTS before it is released with patch 2.2.2. Story mode Scum and Villainy drops have also been upgraded as follows.

  • Dash'Roode now drops the Arkanian Waist Token
  • Titan 6 now drops the Arkanian Implant Token
  • Thrasher now drops the Arkanian Earpiece Token

Kell Dragon Gear

There will be a new sub tier of gear added that can be gotten from Nightmare Mode lvl 55 operations via Kell Dragon Tokens. The tokens can then be exchanged at the new Kell Dragon vendors located in the Gav Dragon and Ziost Shadow.

Warzone Backfill

On the PVP end of things, many changes have been made on how Warzones are backfilled. For starters, anyone that is backfilled into a warzone will now instantly receive a “Reinforcements Medal”. This will ensure that  anyone who is thrown into a game on the verge of ending will not be duped out of rewards from not having enough time to get a medal.


Specific Warzone backfill changes are as follows.


  • Players will no longer be backfilled into Alderaan Civil War Warzone when one team has twice as many points as the enemy team.

Ancient Hypergates

  • Players will no longer be backfilled into Ancient Hypergate after the 4th explosion.


  • Players will no longer be backfilled into Novare Coast Warzone when one team has less than 25% remaining on their shields and the other team has 75% or greater remaining on theirs.


  • Players will no longer be backfilled into Huttball Warzone after 10 minutes have elapsed in the match

Class Changes

Not much has been messed around with the classes. Below are the few changes that have been made.

Jedi Knight


  • Shien Form now increases movement speed by 15%, in addition to its other effects.

Sith Warrior


  • Shien Form now increases movement speed by 15%, in addition to its other effects.

Jedi Consular


  • Breaching Shadows, granted by Shadow Technique, has a new visual effect that persists while 3 charges of Breaching Shadows are active.

Sith Inquisitor


  • Dark Ward has a new visual effect that persists while active.


  • Static Charge, granted by Surging Charge, has a new visual effect that persists while 3 charges of Static Charge are active.

Bounty Hunter


  • Made visual improvements to Flamethrower.