Planetary Social Armor

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Everybody likes to look their best when they hit the town so why should you have to run Flashpoints in the same old rags you have been for millennia. The answer is you don’t; as the majority of the planets in SWTOR offer up a unique social outfitted that can be modded to your satisfaction. Below we’ve rounded up some of the styling social outfits from those planets and posted the requirements for each.

Credit costs for every social outfit here all total 1400 for each complete suit. They are also all picked up from the social items vendor located in the cantina of the planets starting zone.

Imperial and Republic Fleet

The fleet offers pilots three different varieties of space jockey attire to choose from. The only difference between the two factions selection is the third space suit which is faction specific. They require Social Rank 1,2, and 3 respectively.


Dromund Kaas & Coruscant

Each capital planet is where the upper crust of society lives so it’s no wonder this is where you’ll find the Elegant Dress and Formal Suit outfits. Both can be picked up with a social ranking of 1.


If you really sympathized with the resistance fighters on Balmorra you can suit up to match and join the cause. The outfit requires Social 2.

Nar Shaddaa

A female only outfit, the Slave Girl set can be picked up in the promenade market on Nar Shadaa. It requires Social Rank 2.


One of the fan favorites; the sand people garb can be picked up by anyone with Social 3. Crazy shouting voice modulator not included.


Feeling high and mighty? Check out the House Ulgo social set on Alderaan. With the low requirement of Social 3 you’ll be thumbing your nose at the commoners in no time.


Life on Taris getting you down?  Sick of all the noxious chemical clouds and marauding Rakghouls? Try the Death Claw set on for size. Complete with respirator! Requires Social 4.


If you’ve got a case of the chills or just love the feel of Tauntaun fur on your skin, you may want to try out the Hailstorm Brotherhood set. Requires Social 4.


Don’t feel like supporting our faction and want to try your hand at a life of crime instead? Quesh has the perfect set of armor for you in the Hutt Cartel set. Requires Social 4.


Continuing with the criminal theme, albeit a less successful one, we have the Belsavis Prisoners uniform. If you have a Social Rank of 5, you too can scare women and children by looking like an escaped convict on the lamb.


Want to look like a Jedi Consular but you don’t want to have to go through all the training and meditation? The good people of Voss can help you out. Show up with a Social Rank of 5 and you can own the spiffiest set of robes in the galaxy.


Ever wondered why no one had ever thought to combine the functionality of a welding mask together with the style of an elderly man’s pair of driving shades? Well wonder no more because the industrious people of Corellia have done just that and are offer it up to anyone with a Rank 6 Social Ranking!