Section X Daily Guide

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The new daily quests attached to update 1.5 take place on the prison planet Belsavis in a new area that has been taken over by the Dread Guard, Section X. To get to Section X simply take your ship to Belsavis and select Section X from the orbital shuttle destinations. You will be dropped off in your faction’s base, conveniently the same place all of the quests can be obtained.  Below you’ll find a complete “how to” for the Imperial Section X Dailies.

[Weekly] Section X Crisis

The weekly quest operates the same as the other daily zone’s weeklies. Complete every Daily, including Heroic +2, +4, at least once. The prime motivation for completing this is the 6 Blackhole commendations, 5 Daily comms, and 14k credits you’ll receive.

[Daily] HyperBiology

This interesting quest will have you collecting biological samples from the mutated creatures in the area. There are two ways to collect them, the first being simply to kill mutated creatures, the second is by keeping an eye out for piles of poop and infected eggs.

Reward: 3 Daily Commendations & 4,300 credits

[Daily] March of the Dread Guard

This quest involves rescuing captured Trandoshian who are being held by the Dread Guard in a nearby prison facility. The first thing you’re going to need is a Shackle Remote which can be looted off of one of the Dread Guards in the area. Once you have it keep an eye out for the holding areas (fenced in areas) were the prisoners are being held. Ordinary prisoners can be freed by interacting with the Confinement generator behind them, while the Trandoshian Leaders are let loose using the Shackle Remote while targeting them. You’ll need to free 12 regular prisoners and 3 leaders in order to complete the quest.

Reward: 1 Daily Commendation & 4,300 credits
Bonus: Kill 24 Dread Guard in the area for a reward of 7,100 credits

[Daily] Data Raid

Dread Guard commanders are using strange energy tubes to heal their forces after battle. You must sneak into the enemy headquarters and find out all you can about them so that you can shut them down.

You can find the tubes throughout the base but look out for the ones that are only guarded by regular strength troops for easy access. After you have scanned four of them the mission will update and you will have to take out their energy source, two Rakata Pylons, nearby. Interact with the control panel on the pylons to destroy them and complete the quest.

Rewards: 1 Daily Commendations & 4,300 credits
Bonus: Take out 18 Dread Guard for a Bonus of 7,100 credits

[Daily] Targeted Misfire

For this daily you must infiltrate the Republic facility to the east in order to stop their research into reactivating an ancient Rakata war droid. Your first target once inside is to gather 1 Targeting Beacon and 3 Air Strike Codes. The beacon is dropped off of Jedi Protectors and the cods off of Marksmen.

When you have all of the above items you will be able to continue on to the next area via an instance wall. Here you will see the War Droid in question but it is protected by a shield. Use the terminals around the room to drop the shield and then place the Targeting Beacon on the droid. Next use the other nearby controls to open the roof and get ready to fight. As soon as the roof is opened the Droid will be bombed by the Republic and will come after you. Defeat the droid to finish the quest.

Rewards: 3 Daily Commendations & 4,300 credits
Stage #1- Defeat 26 Republic Forces
Stage #2- Destroy 3 Research Stations throughout the base.
Stage #3- Take out the generator in the main room within the first area of the base. Doing so will cause the Commander to appear. Defeat him and take the schematics to complete. Turn in to receive 13k credits and 3 Daily Commendations.

[Area +2] Lost Reconnaissance

You will receive this quest upon entering the Frozen Lake, the located west of the main area of Section X. This may be an elite area, and the quest may say +2 but with some fancy maneuvering you should be able to avoid many of the elite enemies and snag this one solo.

The first part of the quest requires you to kill 18 Wild Beast and collect five Flight recorders. While any of the animals count as a wild beast, the packs of Tuk atas only count as one. After this has been completed you are tasked with collecting the Master Black Box located to the south. Activating the box will cause an elite Frenzied Bogwing Mother to come swooping down on you. Deafeat her and collect the flight data off her corpse to complete the quest.

Reward: 4 Daily Commendations & 8,600 credits


[Heroic 4] The Aurora Cannon

A true four man heroic this quest requires that all members of the party be real live players in order to complete the final objective. You must infiltrate the Dread Master Base and destroy the Aurora Cannon before it is operational.

Throughout the base you will find groups with a Dread Guard Champion in them. These guys are capable of dealing some pretty serious damage via their Force Storm ability; luckily it can be interrupted and should be when possible. As always be sure to use crowd control abilities to limit the amount of elite enemies you have to fight at once. With a full group of four this shouldn’t be a problem.

Eventually you will come across various barriers that can only be taken down with a little teamwork. The first checkout requires one person to disable the shield door while the rest of the team passes through and opens it from the other side.

Next are the floor lasers which can be disabled by activating and channeling the corresponding control panel.

Finally the four person door requires two people to channel the control panels while the other two run through and activate them from the other side, allowing the two who remained to pass through as well.

At the end of the area you will run into the Legion Commander. This guy can be a breeze or a real pain depending on whether or not you interrupt his Force Siphon ability. Force Siphon places a debuff on the targetted player that redirects any heals to that player onto the Commander. This should be interrupted at all costs. At around a quarter health he will also start using Consume Life Force which will drain a player of their health and transfer it to him. This can and should be interrupted as well.

With the Commander down the final objective can now be completed, but it too requires some team coordination. One player must channel the central control panel while two others disable the generators that become accessible on either side. The fourth player will then have access to the core and can plant the bomb. Mission Complete!

Rewards: 5 Daily Commendations & 10k credits
Bonus:  Destroy 35 Dread guard Forces and defeat the Dread Guard Legion Commander.