Sith Inquisitor Guide

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Whether facing a traitorous fellow Sith or a crowd of Republic soldiers, the Inquisitor fights with unlimited fury to create a storm of destruction. Expertise in conducting Force energies further allows Inquisitors to draw upon the life essence of themselves and others. This energy can be channeled to bolster their powers, harm their foes, and even to reinvigorate their allies. An Inquisitor’s skills with a Lightsaber are equally impressive. Often wielding a double-bladed Lightsaber, Inquisitors use quick, guileful, and lethal maneuvers to strike their enemies down with astonishing speed.

Starting Out as a Sith Inquisitor

Your first steps as a Sith Inquisitor will be on Korriban where the main Sith Academy is located. This is where you’ll earn your right to be a Sith through a series of trials that take you through each of Korriban’s four distinct tomb areas. Your first class quests will be focused on these trials, but also lay the groundwork for the overarching storyline for the Inquisitor class.

For the first ten levels you will train new abilities each level that introduce you to the basics of what will eventually become your two Advanced Class options: Assassin or Sorcerer. Before leaving the planet you will also obtain your first companion, Khem Val, who can serve as either a tank or melee DPS in groups or solo combat.

During those first 10 levels, you will want to pay particular attention to which playstyle you naturally gravitate towards based on your abilities. For example, if you prefer using your lightning-based short ranged attacks, you may find the Sorcerer suits your playstyle best, while your direct melee attacks fall more in line with the Assassin.

Advanced Classes for the Sith Inquisitor

The Sith Assassin

Combat Roles:
  • Melee and Short Range (10m) DPS
  • Melee Tank
  • Main Hand – Double-Bladed Lightsaber
  • Off-Hand – Focus or Shield
  • Armor – Light

Immediately after selecting the Assassin as your advanced class, you will be given a fully moddable double-bladed lightsaber which will become your new primary weapon. Many of your abilities from here on out will require that specific weapon type, and for Empire players the Assassin is the only class able to wield double-bladed sabers.

In terms of combat style, the assassin uses a mix of melee and short-range Force attacks. You will also gain the ability to enter Stealth while out of combat, and use various Charges that grant your attacks extra damage, or offer other additional benefits.

Resource management also factors heavily into combat since the assassin is capped at 100 Force which is used to fuel all attacks, many of which cost up to 50 Force to activate. The tradeoff is that you can do some insane amounts of damage if you spec into DPS, but even with a tanking spec the assassin is no slouch in the DPS department.

The Sith Sorcerer

Combat Roles:
  • Ranged DPS
  • Healer
  • Main Hand – Lightsaber
  • Off-Hand – Focus
  • Armor – Light

The sorcerer is an advanced class that takes a little while to find its groove, but by the time you reach level 20 you become a force to be reckoned in either a DPS or healing role. The first major difference you’ll notice upon selecting sorcerer as your advanced class is that your Force attacks can be used at 30 meters, up from the 10m restrictions of the first 10 levels (this 10m range sticks with the assassin without the use of other abilities or skills).

In the DPS department, the sorcerer relies heavily on Damage over Time (DoT) abilities, with a hefty dose of crowd control thrown into the mix. While your direct attacks won’t cause as much damage as the assassin, thanks to your extended Force pool you can also use your abilities more frequently.

As a healer, the sorcerer hits its stride right around level 20 and continues to gain new tricks as you advance towards the level cap. While all sorcerers will be able to train direct heals and an instant cast absorption ability, speccing into the healing tree will reduce the cast times of direct heals, grant you an additional Heal over Time (HoT) ability, and increase your Area of Effect (AoE) healing capabilities.

Inquisitor Companions

As with all classes in The Old Republic, Inquisitors will gain new companions as part of the natural class quest storyline progression. The Inquisitor’s companions and the planets where they are obtained are listed below:

  • Khem Val – Korriban
  • Andronikos Revel – Tatooine
  • Ashara Zavros – Taris
  • Talos Drellik – Hoth
  • Xalek – Following Voss

Crew Skills

There are three main types of crew skills in The Old Republic: Crafting, Gathering, and Missions. Players are restricted to only one crafting skill from the list, but may choose any combination of gathering or mission skills.

The three most beneficial Crafting skills for the Inquisitor are:

Synthweaving – This allows you to craft your own armor with stats specific to force users

Artificing – This crafting skill allows you to create your own lightsaber upgrades, including color crystals, mods, hilts, and enhancements. Since adding higher tier mods to your weapon will also increase its effective level, this is a great option if you would like to continue using the fully moddable lightsaber you’ll obtain early on in your class quests, or the double-bladed version you’ll obtain if you choose the assassin advanced class.

Biochem – Nothing beats being able to produce your own consumables. Biochem will not only allow you to craft your own stims and medpacks, but unlocking the Artifact quality will produce a non-consumable version, essentially giving you access to a reusable stat boost or heal. The reusable stims are particularly great for PvP players, since you can keep using them each time you respawn if you die during a match.

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