A Sith? In MY Jedi Temple?

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A Sith? In MY Jedi Temple?

With the legacy race unlocks that came with Star Wars: The Old Republic's much-vaunted Patch 1.2, a lot of strange hybrids have been birthed upon the worlds of Korriban, Ord Mantell, Hutta and Tython. As players conclude their class stories and reach level 50, new options become available to them that were not available before. 

For role-players, it's all about the "hook" - that one unique quality that makes the player want to explore a character more fully and see the world through that character's eyes. With legacy race unlocks, having a built-in hook becomes much easier when rolling up a new alt.

I recently got my Pureblood Sith Sorcerer to level 50, which unlocked the race for all classes. I had already gotten my Cyborg Juggernaut to 50, unlocking that race, but the Cyborg race was already available for most classes anyway. Playing a Cyborg Inquisitor or Consular just doesn't seem like that big of a stretch. Aside from the racial "Scan" skill and their inability to grow awesome beards, Cyborgs are practically humans. But the Sith Pureblood race was limited to just two classes - Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior - and opening that up to the other six base classes makes for some interesting possible back-stories.

First, a history lesson: the Sith species originated on Korriban. The original species had a rigid caste system - the biggest, most physically powerful Sith were the Massassi warrior caste, the smaller but more-intelligent Force-users were of the Kissai priest caste, the engineers were of the Zugurak caste, and the slaves belonged to the Grotthu caste. These original Sith had 3-toed hands and feet similar to bird claws, tendrils dangling from their cheekbones, bone spurs protruding from their chins, brows and elbows, glowing yellow eyes and crimson-hued skin. They also had a genetic predisposition toward left-handedness and Force-sensitivity.

They were discovered by exiled Dark Jedi, who adapted the Sith philosophy into their deeper understanding of the Force. They called themselves Dark Lords of the Sith and began interbreeding with the alien species. The new hybrid Sith - part human, part Red Sith - were bred from stock selected for physical strength and Force-sensitivity, and they drove the original species to extinction. The species currently calling themselves Sith Purebloods are the descendants of these hybrids, and the "Pureblood" part of their name is something of a misnomer - while they do have traces of the DNA of the original species and bear some of their characteristics, they are genetically near-human. Those with features more closely resembling the original species are considered to be more "pure" than those more closely resembling humans. Calling oneself a Pureblood is a way to elevate oneself above the "lesser" species also calling themselves Sith - these "inferior" beings are only Sith by ideology, not by blood.

Legacy Race Unlocks - Jedi Knight: Sith

With that in mind, consider the back-story that could go into something bizarre like a Pureblood Sith Jedi Knight. From a role-player's perspective, this is a goldmine of inherent personal conflict - the character comes from a lineage that is intrinsically linked to the Dark Side of the Force, and must constantly struggle against his own nature to follow the Jedi Code. He would be villified by his own people, mistrusted by his peers and probably by his superiors, and every step forward would be an uphill battle, each Light-Side victory - however small - a momentous accomplishment. Such a character has built-in drama.

Alternately, consider the non-Force-user Sith. The species is known for its genetic predisposition to Force-sensitivity, and a Sith who is not a Force-user is very rare. Of course, with the legacy race unlock, you get other perks as well: since you can only unlock the race by leveling a Sith Warrior or Sith Inquisitor to 50, you also get the legacy skill unlocks that go with those classes. So even a non-Force-user will be able to use Force Choke and/or Force Lightning during Heroic Moments. 

There's no reason a Sith can't have a day job if he's not a member of the Sith Academy. Surely during the Golden Age of the Sith, there were Sith accountants and Sith mail-carriers and Sith who worked at the DMV. Or at least Sith engineers who programmed droids to perform these tasks. In the SWTOR era, it is just as likely that there are a few individuals among the species who have no love for the xenophobic, tyrannical Empire (who place more stock in the bastardized Sith philosophy than in the actual species), or who do not exhibit enough Force-sensitivity to attract the notice of the academy.

Legacy Race Unlocks - Imperial Agent: Sith

Now that I have the Sith race unlocked, I decided to roll up a few more alts: a Sith Jedi Consular, a Sith Jedi Knight and a Sith Imperial Agent. In the family tree, the agent is the father - a loyal, dedicated adherent to Imperial law. The Sorcerer who originally opened up the legacy race unlock is one of his sons - the runt of the litter who was given to slavers because of his small build and lack of Sith facial characteristics, but who rose up to become a member of the Dark Council. The other two are his brothers - they sought escape from the Empire and from the iron fist of their dictator-father, and joined the Jedi Academy in the hope that they could master their own dark urges and bring freedom to the galaxy by fighting for the Republic.

Obviously, Sith is not the only race available for unlocks. It will also be interesting to see blindfolded Miraluka Assassins running around the tombs of Korriban. The Miraluka race is just as restricted as the Sith Purebloods - without legacy race unlocks, they are limited to Jedi only. But they would make compelling Assassins. The veil adds an air of mystery, which plays into the wheelhouse of the "assassin" mystique. Or how about a green-skinned Mirialan trying to earn his chip for the Great Hunt on Hutta - the Mirialan's famed wisdom and insight would make him a particularly effective bounty hunter. Darth Vader was "more machine than man," but Luke Skywalker was also technically a Cyborg and a Jedi Knight. With legacy race unlocks, that's also possible.

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