Sith Warrior Class Guide

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The Sith Warrior's skills with a lightsabre are unmatched by any other sabre-wielding combatant in the galaxy. They use these skills to great effect, both on the attack and the defensive, with the aid of ancient combat stances passed down through generations of Sith Lords. As deadly as their lightsabre may be, it’s not the only method available to the Warrior for dispatching their foes, this same rage can be unleashed in the form of force energy, able to damage and hinder enemies as well as allowing the Sith Warrior to traverse the battlefield with great speed and precision. If for some miraculous reason an enemy has survived long enough to retaliate they will find themselves confronted with the latest body armor and modifications, able to brush off even the most devastating assaults. This combination of melee prowess, maneuverability, and some of the most resilient armor available, firmly plants the Sith Warrior at the top of the galactic food chain.

Starting Out as a Sith Warrior

The Sith Warrior begins their path to galactic domination on the Sith Homeworld of Korriban as an aspiring apprentice with an unusually strong connection to the force. After being handpicked by one of the higher ups at the academy you will undertake a series of quests that will have you scouring ancient tombs, battling ferocious creatures, and place you in the middle of a treacherous plot for power between masters, as well as you and your fellow initiates.

Your first ten or so levels will be spent on Korriban, during which you will receive a sampling of abilities from both the Juggernaut and Marauder advanced classes that you’ll have to choose from. Do you want to be able to jump right into the fray, and being able to take large amounts of damage and survive? Then maybe the Juggernaut’s for you. Do you want to wield a lightsabre in each hand, performing deadly double strikes that have a bleed effect causing damage over time? Choose the Marauder and you won’t be disappointed. These are some things you should keep in mind during your time on the origin world to better help you choose your advanced class when the time comes.

Advanced Classes for the Sith Warrior

Sith Juggernaught

Combat Roles:

  • Melee DPS
  • Melee Tank


  • Main-Hand – Single Lightsabre
  • Off-Hand – Shield Generator
  • Armor – Heavy

Survivability is the trademark of the Sith Warrior Juggernaut. They accomplish this through defensive lightsabre techniques and stances, a personal shield generator, and heavy synthweave armor from head to toe. This puts them in a perfect position to fill the tanking role in any flashpoint or operation, and an excellent running back in huttball.

Combat tactics can differ slightly depending on the tree you choose to specialize in but for the most part remain the same. Close the gap between yourself and the enemy with force leap and unleash a barrage of force and lightsabre attacks. The more basic attacks will build up rage, which can then be used to let loose more advanced and powerful abilities. If taking too much damage the warrior can employ defensive abilities like sabre ward to greatly reduce the amount taken. A similar ability, Guard, can be used to similar effect only this one is used to protect another player, and when activated reduces damage taken by the targeted friendly as well as transferring a portion of it back to the Warrior.

Sith Marauder

Combat Roles:

  • Melee Damage


  • Main-Hand – Single Lightsabre
  • Off-Hand – Single Lightsabre
  • Armor – Medium

Choosing to focus their talents more toward offensive abilities, the Sith Marauder strikes at foes with a lightsabre in each hand and an action bar of force attacks. While they lack the heavy armor of the Juggernaut, Marauders can still take a moderate amount of damage. This comes in handy as they must get up close and personal in order to be within range of many of their attacks. Once there however they can start a lightshow that any nearby enemies would be foolish to stick around and watch.

The Marauder will fill any DPS vacancy quite we’ll, and is a forced to be reckoned with In a PVP setting. Much like the Juggernaut, most of your encounters will start with a force leap into the action, building up rage and using it to fuel your advanced attacks. Many of these will cause a bleed effect that will damage the enemy over time, allowing you to leap away if your health is low, but still be causing damage. Where the Marauder shines is PVP where their two leap abilities allow them to jump from enemy to enemy, causing mayhem along the way.

Sith Warrior Companions

While they may seem like more the lone wolf types, Sith Warriors nonetheless get five different companions to choose from by the time they reach level 50. Who they are and where you aquire them is listed below.

  • Vette – Korriban
  • Malavi Quinn – Balmora
  • Jaesa Willsaam – Hutta
  • Lieutenant Pierce – Taris
  • Broonmark – Hoth

Crew Skills

There are three main types of crew skills in The Old Republic: Crafting, Gathering, and Missions. Players are restricted to only one crafting skill from the list, but may choose any combination of gathering or mission skills.

Three beneficial crafting skills for the Sith Warrior are:

Synthweaving: Being able to craft your own armor is a definite bonus.

Archaeology: To be paired with Artifice. It provides the necessary power crystals, color crystals, and fragments to complete lightsabre mods and enhancements.

Artifice: Especially for the Marauder, twice the amount of lightsabres to keep modded. For the Juggernaut you are able to craft shield generators for your offhand.

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