Space Battle Guide: Ascendancy Barrier and Impossible Sector

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the old republic space battle guide - ascendancy barrier and impossible sector

You’re participated in countless space combat missions in The Old Republic, but now you’ve reached the final missions: the Ascendancy Barrier and the Impossible Sector. To ensure your ultimate victory, has put together a complete guide, including strategy info and combat tips.

The Ascendancy Barrier (Sith) and Impossible Sector (Republic) missions are the last space combat mission you’ll receive in The Old Republic. This mission becomes available to you at level 48. The two missions are exactly the same with only the identity of the opponents changed. Once you’ve travelled to the space battle in your personal starship, you’ll realize the objective of the mission is to destroy a large number of mines and cripple an enemy Minelayer ship. If this sounds familiar, it’s because this is a harder version of the Polith Minefield/Hydian Way Blockade mission.

Ascendancy Barrier and Impossible Sector Mission Briefing

Name: Ascendancy Barrier (Sith) / Impossible Sector (Republic)
Level Mission Becomes Available: 48
Time Duration: 8 minutes, 2 seconds


Mission Briefing: Sith Empire

Alien forces sympathetic to the Republic have blockaded a primary route to the Chiss regions in an effort to cut off their support of the Empire. For the sake of our war effort, the enemy ships must be destroyed and the minefield blockade neutralized immediately.


Mission Briefing: Republic

Mandalorian forces have erected a minefield along a popular smuggling route traversing the region known as the Impossible Sector. The mines must be removed to clear a path for Republic-commissioned privateers supporting the war effort; expect heavy resistance.

Primary Objectives

  • Disable a bay on the Minelayer
  • Cripple the 2 Minelayer’s engines
  • Destroy 175 mines

Secondary Objectives

  • Destroy 4 engines on the Fighter Tender
  • Destroy 4 Heavy Fighters

Ascendancy Barrier and Impossible Sector Strategy

This mission is a harder version of the Polith Minefield/Hydian Way Blockade mission and will require Tier 5 upgrades for your ship to successfully complete the mission. I would also recommend that you also have an EMP Burst, an Electronic Warfare Pod, and Power Conversion Module.

To begin, one of the dangers facing the player is the asteroid field that you’ll be flying through in this space combat mission. You will need to keep an eye on the various asteroids as you hurtle through the asteroid field and move to avoid them. Be aware that your ship’s course can change suddenly and that you might find yourself barely scraping around an asteroid that, as you initially approached it, seemed that you would give a wide berth to.

Your ship will be under almost constant fire throughout the mission. The mines will shoot at you and the large number of enemy fighters will pepper you relentlessly throughout the battle. The enemy fighters are very tough and will take either sustained blaster fire or multiple missiles to destroy. Our old friend, the Heavy Fighter that we’ve seen in other space combat missions, such as Clouds of Vondoru/Zosha Advance and Aeten Defense/Kalee Fortification, makes multiple appearances. There are a grand total of four Heavy Fighters in this space battle. Your best bet in dealing with them is to destroy them as quickly as possible. Use your missiles and increased blaster power, by use of your Power Conversion Module, to end their fiendish existence.

the old republic space battle guide - ascendancy barrier and impossible sector

Your Power Conversion Module will undergo quite a workout in this mission. Increase your blaster power to destroy mines and enemy ships quickly, then switch to increased shield regeneration during lulls in the battle to replenish your shields. If the attacks become too much, activate your Electronic Warfare Pod to buy you some breathing space. A great way to destroy a large number of mines is to use your EMP Burst while in the middle of a minefield. One use will wipe out virtually an entire minefield in one shot.

At the end of the mission, you’ll come across the enemy Minelayer, which you’ll need to disable multiple components of to win the battle. The best way to destroy the various targets on the Minelayer is to use your Power Conversion Module to increase your blaster power and fire non-stop at the ship as soon as you see it. While you’re shooting with your blasters, don’t be stingy with your missiles. Blast away with everything you have! To keep your shields and armor from getting wiped out, activate your Electronic Warfare Pod as you make your approach to keep enemies from firing upon you for ten seconds. You’ll have several passes at the Minelayer to get the job done.

This concludes the mission briefing for the Ascendancy Barrier and Impossible Sector missions. Good luck and good hunting.