Space Battle Guide: Polith Minefield and Hydian Way Blockade

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the old republic space battle guide - polith minefield and hydian way blockade

Flying your ship through the depths of space gets a lot more interesting when you undertake the Polith Minefield (Sith) or Hydian Way Blockade (Republic) space combat mission. Usually, you have to fight enemy fighters or cripple a space station, but this time you get to clear a minefield and destroy the Minelayer ship responsible for the minefield. Did I forget to mention that the mines shoot at you or that you’re doing this while dodging asteroids? Don’t worry as that has put together a complete guide with strategy info and combat tips to ensure your survival.

The Polith Minefield (Sith) and Hydian Way Blockade (Republic) mission are one of two space combat missions that become available when you reach level 40 in The Old Republic. The two missions are exactly the same with only the identity of the opponents changed. The objective of this mission is to destroy a large number of mines and to destroy the engines and a bay on the Minelayer ship responsible for the minefield.

Polith Minefield and Hydian Way Blockade Mission Briefing

Name: Polith Minefield (Sith) / Hydian Way Blockade (Republic)
Level: 40
Duration: 8 minutes, 3 seconds

Mission Description: Sith Empire

A pirate fleet has set ambushes and laid an extensive minefield in the Polith system to disrupt Imperial convoys passing through the region. Enemy vessels must be destroyed and the mines cleared to reopen crucial supply lines.


Mission Description: Republic

Mandalorian mercenaries working for the Empire have laid an extensive minefield in order to blockade the Hydian Way trade route and funnel Republic convoys into a deadly ambush. The mines must be cleared to reopen crucial supply lines.

Primary Objectives:

  • Disable a bay on the Minelayer
  • Cripple the 2 Minelayer’s engines
  • Destroy 150 mines

Secondary Objectives:

  • Destroy 4 Fighter Tender engines

Polith Minefield and Hydian Way Blockade Strategy

This mission is a pretty straightforward one; destroy 150 mines and take out the components of the Minelayer. The mission recommends Tier 3 upgrades for your ship and this is pretty spot on.

Your principal objective is to destroy 150 mines and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to do so. The mission is a long one, clocking in at over 8 minutes. You will fly through a number of minefields comprised of lots of mines laid out in rows. You can use your missiles on the mines, but they are easily destroyed by your blasters. I would recommend saving your missiles for the secondary objectives and the Minelayer ship itself. Don’t worry about destroying every single mine on the screen. There are plenty of minefields that you’ll fly through and, as long as you make a decent accounting of them, you’ll complete the mine destruction objective before you get to the Minelayer ship at the end of the mission.

You will face enemy fighters that will come in at you from behind and your front. Shoot them for extra xp, but don’t let them distract you from destroying mines. You will also need to keep an eye on your course. You will fly through a lot of asteroid fields and your course can instantly change from one moment to the next. There are a number of asteroids that will fly up to you extremely fast, so you’ll need to keep your eyes open and move your ship accordingly or else you’ll knock your shields down and damage y our ship by hitting one.

You will also have a good opportunity to fulfill the secondary objective of taking out the engines of Fighter Tenders. These ships are capital ships that appear during the space combat mission and will launch additional fighters.

the old republic space battle guide - polith minefield and hydian way blockade

The final hazard that you’ll face will be heavy fighters/shuttles that have appeared in earlier missions such as the Sullust Interception/Drexel Sweep mission. These ships can take a lot of damage before they’re destroyed and will dish out a lot of accurate, punishing fire to you. Your best bet is to destroy them as quickly as possible. Use your missiles and pump lots of blaster fire into them.

At the end of the mission, you will encounter the Minelayer ship. You will have 3 passes total, with the first being the longest. The second pass is a shorter duration and the third pass is a quick fly-by. Use your missiles to target the components on the Minelayer ship and unload your missile bay into them. With some good shooting, you should take your objectives out in the first two passes. An alternate method of taking out the Minelayer is to set your Power Conversion Module to increase your blaster power and then use your blasters to take out the ship components. Just fire non-stop at the targets on the Minelayer and you should be able to take them out with maximized blaster fire. This method helps if you keep accidentally targeting mines instead of the ship engines or bay as that mines and fighters can get in your targeting path as you approach the Minelayer.

This concludes the mission briefing for the Polith Minefield and Hydian Way Blockade missions. Good luck and good hunting.