Space Battle Guide: Skaross Fortification and Pakuuni Defense

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the old republic space battle guide - skaross fortification and pakuuni defense

You’ve destroyed countless space stations with your ship in countless The Old Republic space combat missions, but now you’re tasked with saving one in the Skaross Fortification and Pakuuni Defense missions. has put together a complete guide to these missions, including strategy info and combat tips.

The Skaross Fortification (Sith) and Pakuuni Defense (Republic) mission are one of two new space battles that become available when you reach level 34. The two missions are exactly the same with only the identity of the opponents changed. The objective in this mission is to protect a space station from being destroyed by hordes of enemy bombers. You’ll also have to contend not only with enemy bombers, but also enemy fighters and capital ships as well. Needless to say, this mission is a challenging one.

Skaross Fortification and Pakuuni Defense Mission Briefing

Name: Skaross Fortification (Sith) / Pakuuni Defense (Republic)
Level: 34
Time Duration: 5 minutes, 19 seconds

Mission Briefing: Sith Empire

A key Imperial weapons manufacturing station in the Skaross system is under assault from the Republic bombers. Reinforcements are desperately needed to ensure the station's survival.



Mission Briefing: Republic

The Empire is plotting to blame the Republic for the destruction of a neutral space station in the Pakuuni system. An Imperial fleet is sending bomber squadrons to destroy the station and everyone on board. Republic vessels have been dispatched, but they will need assistance to ensure the station’s survival.

Primary Objectives:

  • Intercept (Destroy) 50 enemy bombers

Secondary Objectives:

  • Destroy 30 enemy fighters
  • Destroy 4 Capital Ship Shield Generators

Skaross Fortification and Pakuuni Defense Strategy

These missions are a stark contrast to earlier space combat missions such as Cartel Listening Station/Balosar Outpost and Llanic Station Strike/Ezran Outpost. In those earlier missions, you were responsible for laying waste to a space station, but now you’re tasked with saving one. This is a challenging mission and you will need Tier 3 upgrades for your ship to be able to complete the mission.

Your primary focus should be on destroying the enemy bombers. If you don’t destroy them, you fail the mission. To that end, I would recommend that you ignore the secondary objectives until your ship has higher upgrades (Tier 4 on up) and you’re extremely familiar with the space combat mission.

The bombers are pretty tough to bring down, taking two missile hits each or lots of blaster fire to bring down. I would recommend using your missiles, but don’t be hesitant in gunning them down with your blasters if need be. You can use your blasters on some smaller groups (usually 3) of bombers that fly towards you if you can target them quickly as soon as they appear. However, if you’re not destroying them quickly, use your missiles as you’ll only get one shot to destroy the smaller groupings of bombers. Once they’ve flown past you, that is it.

the old republic space battle guide - skaross fortification and pakuuni defense

Your greatest chance to destroy bombers occurs when a full squadron approaches the space station. You’ll be able to attack them as they appear and your ship will swing around so you’ll be able to continue to attack them as they fly over the space station. You’ll need to fire fast to bring them down as quickly as you can. There are four instances in the space combat mission where you’ll face a full squadron of enemy bombers.

Your ship will take a beating during this space combat mission. The area is swarming with enemy fighters and capital ships, which are all intent on blowing your ship up. You’ll be under almost constant fire. You will need to use your Power Conversion Module wisely to keep your shields charged up. Your ship will really take a pounding when you’re on the tail of a bomber squadron as they’re attacking the space station. This is where you’ll need to use your Electronic Warfare Pod to buy you ten seconds from getting fired upon.

By the end of the mission, your Missile Magazine will most likely be empty. If you’ve managed to destroy all the enemy bombers and have missiles left, then you’re an ace and I doff my cap to you. The way to win this space combat mission is to concentrate on the bombers and keep your shields recharged as much as possible.

This concludes the mission briefing for the Skaross Fortification and Pakuuni Defense missions. Good luck and good hunting.