Space Battle Guide: Sullust Interception and Drexel Sweep

the old republic space battle guide - sullust interception and drexel sweep

In the later stages of The Old Republic, players should have plenty of space combat missions under their belt and be deadly aces. Countless foes have fallen under the blasters of the players’ ships as battles have raged from one end of the galaxy to another. Now players will face one of the hardest space combat missions yet in either the Sullust Interception or Drexel Sweep. To prepare you for the harrowing battle, has prepared a complete guide to these missions, complete with strategy info and combat tips.

The Sullust Interception (Sith) and Drexel Sweep (Republic) missions are one of two space combat missions that become available to you at level 40. The two missions are exactly the same with only the identity of the opponents changed. The objective in this mission is to engage and destroy 60 enemy fighters while flying through an asteroid field. This mission is a very difficult one to successfully complete.

Sullust Interception and Drexel Sweep Mission Briefing

Name: Sullust Interception (Sith) / Drexel Sweep (Republic)
Level: 40
Time Duration: 4 minutes, 8 seconds

Mission Briefing: Sith Empire

An elite Republic fighter squadron has been launching devastating hit-and-run attacks on Imperial installations in the Sullust system. The squadron has been tracked to a nearby asteroid field. Eliminating these Republic fighters is vital to the Imperial war effort.


Mission Briefing: Republic

An elite Imperial fighter squadron has been launching devastating hit-and-run attacks on Republic convoys. The squadron has been tracked to an asteroid field in the Drexel system. Eliminating these Imperial fighters is vital to the Republic war effort.

Primary Objectives:

  • Destroy 60 enemy fighters

Secondary Objectives:

  • Destroy 12 turrets on enemy capital ship

Sullust Interception and Drexel Sweep Strategy

These missions are a harder version of the Nez Peron Sweep/Archenar Interception missions, and by harder, I mean much, much harder. To begin, the enemy fighters are extremely tough, taking two missiles each to destroy. You can use your blasters to destroy them, but it will take a good bit of concentrated fire to do so.

The mission states that you’ll need Tier 3 upgrades or higher to complete the mission. We should file this under “blatant lie” as that if you only have Tier 3 upgrades, you will get the awesome joy of watching your ship explode in the airless depths of space over and over again. You should have the highest possible upgrades that you can get your hands on (or afford!). Since you get this mission at level 40, you are eligible to purchase Tier 5 upgrades in Beam Charger, Beam Generator, and Ship Armor. You might want to hold off doing this mission until you’re able to purchase Tier 5 upgrades for Shield Regenerator, Energy Shield, and Missile Magazine at level 42.

You should focus all your attention on destroying the enemy fighters as quickly as possible. They will come in at you from all directions, so you’ll need to start firing on them as quickly as you see them. There is very little room for error in this mission. If you miss too many fighters, you will be unable to successfully complete the mission. The real trick is to destroy the fighters and not get destroyed as that your ship will take a pounding. The enemy fighters will fire on you as they fly at you and as they fly past you. In addition, you can run into an asteroid, which will knock your shields down and damage your ship.

I would ignore the secondary objectives of destroying the turrets of the enemy capital ship, which appears halfway through the mission. This is a good time to recharge your shields for the final push of the mission. However, this is easier said than done as the capital ship will fire upon you relentlessly, including ion blasts which will knock your shields down to nothing. You will have to bob and weave to avoid most of the incoming fire.

the old republic space battle guide - sullust interception and drexel sweep

After you’ve flown past the capital ship, you’ll begin the last phase of the combat mission. This is where the action really heats up. The number of enemy fighters increases dramatically, with squadrons flying towards you as others fly by you. To make matters worse, an enemy shuttle will fly out and begin to shoot you with incredible accuracy. This shuttle is built like a battleship, taking lots of missiles or blaster fire to destroy. If you do not destroy the shuttle, it will fly in front of you, shooting you the entire time, for the remainder of the mission. Your best bet is to destroy it as quickly as you can, but this does tend to drag your focus off the fighters. This is a good time to activate your Electronic Warfare Pod and set your Power Conversion Module to increased blaster damage to try to destroy it right away.

This mission is extremely challenging and you will definitely be putting your Power Conversion Module through its paces. There are times when you’re not taking that much fire, so that is the perfect time to increase your blaster damage. When you’re getting rocked by enemy fire, set your Power Conversion Module to increase your shield regeneration and use your missiles to destroy the enemy. You will have to juggle back and forth between settings as you fly through this mission. Overall, this is a tough, tough mission. Expect to blow up quite a few times before victory is finally yours.

This concludes the mission briefing for the Sullust Interception and Drexel Sweep missions. Good luck and good hunting.


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