Space Battle Guide: Taspan Ambush and Syvris Evacuation

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the old republic space battle guide - taspan ambush and syvris evacuation

What good is your own personal starship in The Old Republic if you can’t blow the crap out of some bad guys in deadly space combat? Fortunately for everybody, you can crush enemy forces in the deadly depths of space! The team has put together a complete guide, including strategy info and combat tips, for the challenging Taspan Ambush and Syvris Evacuation missions.

The Taspan Ambush (Sith Empire) and Syvris Evacuation (Republic) are one of the two space combat missions you get at level 28. The two missions are exactly the same with only the identity of the opponents changed. In this mission, the player’s goal is to safely escort a shuttle to safety. While this mission sounds similar to the Jabiim and Fondor Escort missions, it is a far more difficult undertaking with some added wrinkles. Not only will you have to defend the shuttle against enemy fighters, but you will also have to travel through an asteroid field and defend the shuttle from enemy frigates as well. Your blasters will practically melt during this escort mission and your Missile Magazine will be empty at the end of this mission.

Taspan Ambush and Syvris Evacuation Mission Briefing

Name: Taspan Ambush (Sith) / Syvris Evacuation (Republic)
Level: 28
Time Duration: 3 minutes, 34 seconds

Mission Description: Sith Empire

A key Republic military officer has agreed to defect to the Empire. He is attempting to rendezvous with Imperial forces, but Republic ships have intercepted his shuttle. Immediate assistance is requested in securing the defector before he is captured or destroyed by the enemy assault.


Mission Description: Republic

A Republic SIS listening post in the Syvris system has been compromised by Imperial forces. Immediate assistance is requested in evacuating critical intelligence, personnel and a captured Imperial vessel before they are destroyed by the enemy.

Primary Objectives:

  • Escort defector shuttle to safety

Secondary Objectives:

  • Destroy 40 enemy fighters

Taspan Ambush and Syvris Evacuation Strategy

This is an extremely challenging space combat mission and you will need a minimum of Tier 1 upgrades for your ship’s systems. While in the earlier Jabiim and Fondor Escort space battle missions, you only had to worry about fighters firing on the shuttle, in this mission, you will need to focus a lot of attention onto the enemy frigates. At the start of the mission, concentrate your fire upon the frigates, using your missiles and blasters, to knock out their turrets. While you need to make sure that you keep fighters away from the shuttle, any time that you aren’t shooting at an enemy fighter, you need to be shooting at a frigate, if one is on the screen.

Missiles are a good choice for the frigates as you can fire and forget. You will need to take out all the turrets on the frigates at the beginning of the space battle to have any hope of victory. The frigates will continue to dog the shuttle towards the end of the mission after you fly through the asteroid field. In addition, some new frigates will arrive on the scene and begin firing upon the shuttle towards the end of the mission. I can’t emphasize enough that as soon as you see a frigate, you need to be taking out their turrets. There’s no worse feeling than having only a few seconds to get off a shot, missing that shot, and then watch helplessly as blaster fire from the frigates keeps coming off-screen and hitting the shuttle in front of you.

the old republic space battle guide - taspan ambush and syvris evacuation

During the middle part of the mission, you will fly through an asteroid field. Be careful of your ship’s position as that you can hit the asteroids, which will knock down your shields and damage your ship. You will also need to keep an eye out on enemy fighters that will come in towards you from the horizon, firing upon you and the shuttle. There are quite a few fighters that use that tactic in the asteroid field.

All in all, your best bet is to start firing and keep firing non-stop until the mission ends. Take out the frigates at the beginning of the mission, keep fighters off the shuttle, dodge asteroids, and then knock out some more frigates at the end of the mission while also keeping the swarming clouds of enemy fighters at bay. Easy, yeah?

This concludes the mission briefing for the Taspan Ambush and Syvris Evacuation missions. Good luck and good hunting.