Supreme Mogul Contraband Pack Contents

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The latest edition to the Cartel Market are the Supreme Mogul Contraband Packs which will become available once patch 2.2.2 goes live July 9th. There's a little bit of everything in there including some pets, emotes, vehicles, armor and color crystals. Let's take a look at what you can get when the packs go live!


Alde Statesman Armor

Panteer Loyalist Armor

Revered Chronicler's Armor

Diabolist Armor

Relnex'x Armor

Adept Scouts Armor

Imperial Huttball Away Uniform

Republic Huttball Away Uniform

Miras Armor

Color Crystals

Advanced Copper

Advanced White-Black


Deep-Purple/Medium Pink                                     Medium-Red/Medium-Green

Medium-Orange/Light-Green                                   Pale-Blue/Medium-Purple

Medium-Orange/Pale-Yellow                                    Dark-Red/Pale-Red


Gurian Tornado

Aratech Ghost

Aratech Red Spirit

Adno Locust

Aratech Techno

Adno Saberwasp

Lhosan Razor


Primordial Assault Cannon Besh

Primordial Blaster Besh

Volatile Derelict SabreStaff

Primordial Rifle Besh

Primordial Sniper Rifle Besh

Volatile Derelict Lightsabre


Model VX-5 Ricker

Isotope-5 Droid

Model ML-39 Brute Patrol Ship

ST_N3 Power Droid

Iridescent Lizard Bat

Paradise Flutterplume

Pocket Sarlaac



Slow Clap


Boo Hoo

All of the items in the Supreme Mogul Contraband Pack will be available after patch 2.2.2 goes live!