SWTOR Achievement Guide

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One of the items on the top of the list of new things coming to the Old Republic in patch 2.0 is Legacy Achievements. If you’ve played any game made in the last five years you’re probably already familiar with achievements and the completionist addiction they can bring out in people. Below we go over how the whole system will work and what kind of achievements we can expect to be collecting.

You’ll find the interface for Legacy Achievements conveniently tucked into your legacy panel just underneath the reputation tab. There you can keep track of your achievement progress in the seven major categories currently available.

They are:

·      Companions – Each companion has three achievements to unlock for reaching certain amounts of affection with them.

·      Flashpoints – Achievements for completing Flashpoints in various difficulties and for defeating individual bosses.

·      Legacy – Includes achievement for reaching assortment of valor, legacy ranks, as wells as ranking up crew skills, leveling up and much more.

·      Location – Achievements for completing story missions, defeating world bosses, unlocking creature codex entries, and taking part in exploration missions

·      Operations – Awarded for completing Operations in a variety of difficulties and defeating individual bosses.

·      Player vs. Player – Map specific achievements, which include getting large critical hits/heals, getting a certain number of kills, solo kills, killing blows.

·      Space – Achievements available for completing space missions in various difficulties and for completing all bonus objectives within missions.

In addition to the specific achievement categories listed above you will also be adding to an overall achievement rank, dubbed your “Prestige Score”. Your prestige score is located on the front page of the achievements panel. Every achievement you earn, no matter the category adds it’s weight of achievement points to your prestige score.

Rewards for collecting achievements are generally given for completing the “larger” category achievements. These rewards can be anything from a speeder to a new title or cosmetic item and increase in value the more difficult the achievement.

That about raps up the basics behind The Old Republic’s new achievement system. For those of you who have already put hours into the game and are wondering if any of these achievements are retroactive, the answer is yes, sort of. Achievements based on tats your character holds like valor, alignment, and level will all be awarded upon the systems implementation. Achievements that require you complete a specific task, or kill a certain type of MoB will not and must be completed after the update goes live.