SWTOR Free To Play Checklist

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Free to Play is upon us are you ready? Whether you are a returning player, a current subscriber or someone completely new to the game there are some items you will want to ponder as the world of SWTOR opens its doors to the huddled masses. We take a brief rundown of some of these questions while we wait for the patch to drop.

Current Subscribers

Chances are if you’ve stuck it out this long you like the game. Now’s the time to dig a little deeper and think, “What do I really enjoy doing in the game?” and “Are there things that I could live without?”. If the answer to the first question is everything and the second no, then keep on subscribing and enjoying all the game has to offer. If there are some items (i.e. Warzones, Flashpoints) you can live without you may want to consider turning in the old subscription and opting for weekly passes of the specific content you enjoy instead.

 Next go to your account page and check your cartel coin balance. Odds are since you’ve been subscribing you’ve amassed a fairly hefty chunk of change and can continue doing what you enjoy for some time running just off this little nestegg. Besides, when the cartel coins run dry you can always resub or purchase some more to use on the specific content you adore.

Returning Players

You’re in pretty much the same boat as the current subscribers, albeit with fewer cartel coins stowed away. If you’ve been away sometime you may want to consider starting a new character and enjoy the completely free leveling process while refreshing your memory on what you enjoy most. If you’re picking up an old character you can still enjoy the limited access to Flashpoints and Warzones while using those stowed coins to unlock a weeks’ worth when you need more. By the time the cash flow stops you should have a decent idea of what you want out of the game, and whether it’s more cost friendly to use the market to purchase weekly passes of warzones/flashpoints at your discretion, or take the plunge and subscribe.

All New Players

Get to leveling. There’s no need to spend a penny if you’re new to the game, arguably the best part is free. Remember to make good use of your allotted Warzones/Flashpoints each week to test the waters and get a good idea of what you want out of the game. At the latest by the time you reach level 50 you should be all ready to make the decision.

If you can’t make up your mind playing only 5 warzones/flashpoints a week seriously consider dropping the five bucks to get 500 Cartel Coins. Not only will you be able to purchase two weeks of unlimited access to Flashpoints or Warzones, you will become a “preferred” player. Preferred Status will give you access to all these great features, and are in my opinion almost essential.

Whether we be veterans or complete SWTOR greenhorns the new F2P format should provide enough flexibility in both gameplay options and pricing to suit all comers. Here’s hoping that it’s only good things from now on for The Old Republic.