SWTOR Galactic Reputation Preview

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Inhabitants of the SWTOR Universe are about to be part of a galaxy wide popularity contest. Yes the new reputation system is on its way. Set to launch with patch 1.7 the Galactic Reputation System will allow players to move up the reputation ranks with various familiar and new factions in SWTOR. An overview of the system was just released today, revealing some insights into how it will all work so let’s take a look at what we know so far.


Each faction’s reputation track has six different ranks. As you advance in ranks the required amount of reputation points for the next rank will increase. The current ranks available are listed below.


One of the major differences with the Galactic Reputation System when compared with similar systems of other games is that your reputation is bound to your legacy and not just the specific character completing the quests. This means that any reputation points you gain and ranks you unlock are applicable to all characters in that legacy, this includes the titles unlocked as well.

Earning Points

Of course the first question everyone is going to have is, how do I earn these points?  Currently for the factions that will be available at launch, reputation points can be gained as follows.


How to Get Reputation

The Voss

[WEEKLY] Defending Voss-Ka

Voss Heroic Missions

The Gree Enclave

Relics of the Gree: Event Missions

Relics of the Gree: Event Bosses

Republic Hyperspace Armada

Hard Mode Space Missions

Republic Fifth Assault Battalion

[WEEKLY] Section X Crisis

Section X Missions

Imperial First Mobile Fleet

Hard Mode Space Missions

Imperial Guard on Belsavis

[WEEKLY] Section X Crisis

Section X Missions


The completion of these missions is not actually what grants the reputation points; it’s what they rewards that does. When you complete one of the missions listed above you will receive a reputation trophy which when consumed will grant the reputation points to your tally. The amount of points received also depends on the quality of the trophy, which come in Premium (small), Prototype (medium), or Artifact (large) varieties.

Another important mechanic of the reputation system is the weekly cap. Each week you will only be allowed to acquire a certain amount of reputation points. You can however continue to collect reputation trophies which can be turned in the next or future weeks. The reputation cap is specific to the faction, meaning once you hit one factions reputation cap for the week you can work on the others.

In addition to other experience bonuses, subscribers will also receive a 50% boost to reputation gained from reputation trophies. It’s fair to assume that boosts to reputation will also be available in the Cartel Market as well.


There hasn’t been much detail released yet regarding the specific types of rewards that will be unlocked with reputation points. What we do know is that there will be reputation vendors for each organization where you can purchase the corresponding items you have unlocked by ranking up your rep. Whether or not these items will be mostly cosmetic or utility or a mix of both has not yet been said.

The second type of reward that the reputation system deals out is Legacy Titles. Like the name suggests, Legacy Titles become are available to all characters in your legacy once unlocked. They are unlocked by reaching certain ranks with the various organizations. Unlike other titles however, these are not displayed above your character and instead replace your legacy surname when selected.

What are your thoughts on the Galactic reputation System headed our way? Do you agree with the reputation being bound to your legacy? And what are your thoughts on the weekly cap?