SWTOR Leveling Tips

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Leveling in The Old republic is definitely not as unforgiving as in other games, but there may still be times you find yourself just under level for the next planet/area. With that in mind, there are some things all players can do to stay ahead of the curve and make their questing experience faster and a little more enjoyable. And with FTP right around the corner likely producing a large influx of new players, what better time to go over some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to leveling.

Bonus Quests and Heroics

If your one of the types who tries to power through the levels, bonus quests can sometimes be overlooked.  Many of the quests you’ll pick up come with a bonus quest attached to it that can have up to three stages to them, each providing a healthy bump of experience when completed. Another “bonus” to the bonus quests is that their objectives are almost always part of the main quest or reside in the same area. On average completing the bonus quests of a planet will net you around 60% more experience than if you had completed the main quest alone.

Heroic Quests not only offer better rewards and credits they also dish out a larger amount of experience. With the exception of the Heroic 4’s, many of them can also be completed with you and your companion so give them a shot even if you can’t find a group right away.

Datacrons and Codex Entries

Keeping your eye out for Datacrons and Codex entries is a good way to gain some fast and easy experience. All planets will have numerous codex entries throughout (mostly in the towns and high traffic quest areas), and can be identified by their bluish glow. Datacrons are harder to find, but when you do find them they have the added bonus of increasing your stats. Follow the link for our complete library of datacron guides.

Space Missions, Warzones and Flashpoints

Once you have gained access to your starship you will be able to go on space missions. These short arcade space shooters give a decent amount of experience for the time it takes to complete them and also have a daily quest that require you to complete certain missions dubbed “operations”. Like regular quests, the space missions are not worth completing when they have become grey.


Warzones offer a great alternative for those who grow tired of the questing experience. Experience gained from each varies according to how many medals you acquired and if your team won or lost, but is a good chunk in most cases. There is also a daily available from a terminal in the fleet that gives a healthy amount of experience from either completing 2 warzones or winning one.

The group finder has made completing flashpoints a lot less of a pain and thus an even better source of experience for leveling and after level ten you will gain access to a new flashpoint about every four levels or so. In addition to the experience you receive for completing the flashpoint and killing all the MoB’s inside, there is also a daily flashpoint quest available from the terminal in the supply area of the fleet station.

These are just a few tips to help flesh out the leveling process and make it a faster and more complete experience of the game. With the addition of the group finder and the ability to queue for warzones anywhere, many of these suggestions can also be utilized simultaneously. I.E. Keep exploring and questing while looking for a warzone or flashpoint group.