SWTOR New Years Wish List

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It’s almost the start of another new year after a turbulent first for The Old Republic. At the end of 2011 came the games release and shortly into 2012 a wave of problems and concerns flooded the forums. Ilum was broken, the guild system was extremely rudimentary, and many players had problems even running the game without severe lag and frame rate issues. While quite a few of the problems were addressed in multiple patches, let’s take a moment and look ahead to some of the more popular “wants” of the SWTOR player base that will hopefully make it in 2013.

Optimize the Engine

Going F2P did help bring up the server numbers but soon after many of these new players started complaining about performance issues that seasoned SWTOR folk have become all too accustomed with. Some drastic work needs to be done with the engine to keep the more casual crowd around who don’t shell out wads of cash for the high end gear needed to run the game at decent settings. An optimized engine would also make large scale PVP encounters viable again, opening up the door for a revamp of Ilum or entirely new open world PVP battleground.

More Space

One of the largest allures of any Sci-Fi space setting, especially Star Wars, has to be the space travel. What good is having a massive galaxy far far away if the most we see of it is from a points and click galaxy map? As it stands now the game might as well be set on one planet; at least that would save travel time.

That being said it would be a little extreme to expect a patch that would allow us free roam of the entire galaxy, but surely there is a happy medium that can be achieved. Open patches of space not on rails dedicated to PVP space battles would be an excellent addition, anything to get our spaceships off of auto pilot and into the hands of the drivers.

Side Games

They’ve been teased since before the game even launched but still have not made it in. The possibilities are endless with games like Pazaak and Swoop Racing already existing in the universe. I’m no programmer but something like this seems easier to build than an entire planet, which they have set for launched in the spring. We can only hope they eventually put aside some resources for items like this, which while smaller in scale would have a large impact.

Everyone has their own opinion of what would make SWTOR a better game, and these are just a few that have been kicking around for quite some time. What would you like to see out of the game for the New Year? Let us know in the comments below!