SWTOR Patch 2.3 PTS... Ewok!

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The summer of SWTOR has begun and patch 2.3 is the first steak ready to hit the BBQ (aka the PTS).  The patch has a surprising amount of new content including a couple new flashpoints and a whole new daily area to wrack up the commendations. Not only that there is also an update to the classic, Alderaan Warzone and a retooling for the games color palette promising more “vibrant” colors.  Before you go diving straight into the PTS, take a look at the changes you’ll be seeing server side!... Ewok!

New Flashpoints

Not one but two new flashpoints will be introduced in patch 2.3, both of which will have you taking on the Star wars version of the Umbrella Corporation, Czerka. The important thing about these flashpoints is that they will be role neutral. Meaning they can be completed by a group comprised of a combination of any four classes (4 DPS, 2 tanks and 2 healers, whatever). The group finder will match the latest four people to queue and send them off.

Czerka Corporate Labs is the first one and is geared for endgame players of lvl 55.  It tasks you with taking out Rasmus Blys, who is the guy behind their latest piece of high tech weaponry. On launch the flashpoint will be available in both a story and hard-mode accessible at level 55.

Next in the line of Czerka assaults is the level 55 flashpoint Czerka Core Meltdown. Czerka is up to their old tricks again and have made their own version of Skynet which seems to have taken over a research facility and set the core to melt down. Of course you’ve got to get in there, stop the core from exploding, and take out the all powerful AI (named The Vigilant) all while fighting off the facilities security system. It too will come with both a story and hard mode at level 55.

New Daily Area and Reputation Organizations

Another update another new daily area for you to continue your fight against Czerka. This time on a private moon where the corporation keeps all of it’s most secret secrets. Completing missions here will earn you reputation with one of the two (depending on your faction) organizations there. The Ordinance Acquisitions Corps if you’re Empire and the Adjucators for the Repubic. Not much info on the rewards yet other than a new set of armor for droids.

The final new reputation organization that will be coming with patch 2.3 but is not included in the PTS is the Bounty Brokers Association. You can earn reputation with then by completing bounty contracts during Bounty Contract Week, which does not currently have a date yet.

Updates and Upgrades

There are two SWTOR items getting a facelift lift patch, the Alderaan Warzone and SWTOR’s color palette.

There has long been a debate on whether the speeders that spawned when you captured one of the Alderaan warzone side turrets allowed the defenders to rush back to the point way too fast, and it seems that the developers think they do. As of patch 1.3, capturing one of the warzones side turrets will no longer spawn a speeder that will take you directly to it. Now all turrets will simply take you to the default starting zone in the center.

If you though the Old Republic was looking a bit drab and unappealing, you’re in luck! Every environment in the game has been given a palette upgrade to include a more vibrant selection of colors. Don’t forget your shades!

New Ewok Companion!

The day has come… no longer must players trudge through the worlds of SWTOR thinking to themselves how great this would be with an Ewok at their side. Now players can get their hands on their very own Ewok Bounty Hunter Companion named Treek! Players must have 1million credits and a legacy level of 40 to unlock the little guy form Endor for each character.