Tips for Leveling Through Warzones

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Warzones of the Old Republic are not only a fun way to take on other players; they can also be an excellent way to gain experience and level fairly quickly. This is especially good for those of us out there who are on our umpteenth character and are looking for alternatives to the traditional quest based leveling process which we’ve already ran through time and time again. That being said, there are some tips to keep in mind to increase the rate at which you are accumulating experience, a few of which are listed below.

Win Win Win

The best way to increase experience gained from each warzone is to win it. While the number has been reduced since the games release, winning still provides a healthy bonus of additional experience and credits. While you’re not going to win every match there are some things you can do to bend the odds in your favor.

·         Keep your gear up to date. While stats aren’t as important in PVP as they are during end game they will still give you a slight advantage over the competition if you update your gear frequently. You can also purchase your first PVP weapon with expertise in your mid 30s so be sure and take advantage. Keep an eye on your warzone commendation total. It maxes out at 2000, so be sure to spend them before that or they will go to waste.

·         Focus on objectives. While defending a node isn’t the most glamorous job it is a very important one. Plus you will be earning defender medals in the process.

·         Find a group. Getting a good group together for extended warzone sessions will make communication, and thus victory, much easier.

Queue on the Go

Just because you want to level primarily through warzones doesn’t mean you should be hanging around fleet waiting for them to pop. Get out and work on your class quests, run space missions, or hunt for datacrons. This will ensure you’re always making progress and class quests are fairly essential to complete anyways. Plus the datacrons give nice permanent boosts to certain stats, making you a formidable opponent each time you get one.

Hone Your Skill

It’s hard to practice strategies vs. other classes in warzones as most fights take place group v group, and there are very few opportunities for a one on one. If you’ve got some time and are the appropriate level head to one of the contested planets and look for prey. While ganking can be fun, you won’t really learn anything so try and keep opponents around the same level.

Another excellent mode of practice is dueling. Since the classes of each faction are pretty much identical mirrors of one another practicing fighting against a Sith Marauder is tantamount to taking on a Jedi Sentinel.

Apart from learning the ins and outs of all the various classes, knowing all you can about each warzone is equally essential. Explore the maps and watch other players to find out the most efficient and frequently travelled routes. That way you’ll be able to more accurately predict enemy movements and be able to maneuver yourself appropriately.

Pick up the Daily Quest

This may come as a no brainer but be sure to pick up the daily quest for warzones at the PVP mission terminal in the fleet. Completing its objectives of either 3 games played or two wins will net you a healthy amount of experience and credits.

Buy an Experience Boost

An easy way to up the amount of experience you get from any source is to buy and experience boost consumable. For those who don’t like spending real money, you can also find them being sold on the cartel market for a fairly reasonable rate. Remember these apply to any experience giving activity so make sure your completing class quests or space missions in between queues to get the most bang for your buck.

Leveling through warzones may not be the fastest route to take (questing still takes that title) but it can be a refreshing change for those who have visited all the planets and completed all the quests multiple times. These are just a few of the tips that should make the experience a little more efficient and expedient.