Top 5 Cartel Market Items

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The Cartel Market introduced with SWTOR’s new F2P model is a place where you can buy/unlock a wide variety of in game items, customizations, and enhancements to deck your character out or make your play time a little comfier.  Like any other retail establishment there are going to be the items that sell like hotcakes, and those that sit on the shelf gathering dust. We’ll ignore the latter for now and give you our list of the top five items currently available on the Cartel Coin Market.

Cartel Packs

While controversial since form the get go, both varieties of Cartel Packs have become the most popular items on the Cartel market. The drive behind this is all in the packs description, where each pack is said to contain “… very rare bonus items that can be found nowhere else.” Even if you do get something you already have or something you don’t want you can always sell it on the Galactic Market for credits once the binding timer expires.

Carbonite Chamber

Pets and speeders are fine but the carbonite chamber harkens back to a day when Star Wars maintained a strict Gungan free policy. Not only does it make your character into a wonderful conversation piece it has the added benefit of rapidly healing you when you’re not in combat. 720CC is a heft amount, but those who have seen it in action will agree that it’s worth the price.

Gamorrean Axe

If you’re character has the ability to wield vibroswords then this crude but effective weapon is a must buy. It may not be as flashy as a lightsabre, but you can be guaranteed that if you come charging at an enemy belting out your favorite war cry and wielding this bad boy they’ll be shaking in their plastasteel boots.

Galactic Trade Network Slots

For any serious trader the additional slots are a must buy. For anyone buying a lot of cartel packs these will come in handy as well as you’ll need the space to sell any duplicate, unwanted, and rare crafting items you receive. At 125CC per character they are fairly cheap as well, and can be stacked up to five times for a total of 50 slots.

Improved Speeder Piloting

There’s nothing worse than trudging your way on foot from quest to quest like a schmuck. Luckily you can buy your way out of this fate with the three tires of Improved Speeder Piloting. Each tier will unlock it’s corresponding rank of speeder piloting at levels 10,25, and 35 respectively. Even just going for the first tier of Improved Speeder Piloting is worth it, removing 15 levels of foot work.

The above market items have proven to be some of the most popular when all levels of player are included (i.e. subscriber, F2P). Strictly F2P’ers may find more value in unlocking game features like warzone/flashpoint time, or the “hide headslot” option.