Top Five Auction House Items

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swtor top five auction house items

While there are many useful and valuable items in SWTOR, there are a number that fetch a pretty penny (or credit) in the game's auction house. What items will net you the most cold, hard cash when you put it up for sale in the Galactic Trade Network, SWTOR's auction house system? Will it be weapons of wondrous power, mystical artifacts brimming with the Force, or something unexpected? To answer that question, looks at the top five auction house items.

The interface for the GTN can be a bit infuriating for some, but turning the clunky interface against itself can make you some serious bank by focusing on oft-looked for items. While many of the top credit-bringers are max level items, there is a profit to be made from mid-range items as we shall see. When you're ready to sell, just head to your nearest Galactic Trade Kiosk and begin your travel to super-wealth.

There are a few things to consider when deciding on what the top five auction house items are in SWTOR. The first is demand, which will vary from server to server. Items that are suggested here may be a dud on your specific server. Always make sure to check the auction house regularly to see what's hot and what's not. The top five items are not written in carbonite.

swtor top five auction house items
Heading to the Galactic Trade Network to do some trading.

A few of the top five auction house items are max level items, which is normally true in any MMO. Most players in SWTOR have level 50 characters, and those characters tend to have a lot of credits to spend on gear or materials they are looking for. However, lower level items can be good sellers too in that really decent gear can be hard to come by while leveling a character. Players who are leveling alts can afford the credits needed to outfit those alts in the best possible gear. While mid-range gear doesn't command the big bucks that max level gear does, the materials and effort needed to create them are far cheaper.

One note of item rarity, especially for mid-range items. Greens are really not worth putting on the auction house as they do not tend to sell. I would recommend blue or higher level items be put up for auction in SWTOR. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let us look at the top five auction house items in SWTOR.


Earpieces are good sellers for both max level and mid-level ranges. High level earpieces, such as Black Hole Boltblaster's MK-1, Columi Force-Master's Relay, and the Columi Stalker's Chip sell for big money. However, lower level earpieces can sell for decent money as well. Putting up some earpieces such as an Prototype Sensory Combat D-Device, Prototype Sensory Reflex D-Adaptor, or a Relic Tactile Cardio D-Relay can put a tidy sum in your pocket. Good earpieces do not become readily available for quite a few levels so players are always looking to buy really good ones for their mid-level characters.

swtor top five auction house items
High level earpieces can be worth a Hutt's ransom.

Mission Discovery

The second item in our top five auction house list is mission discoveries. Mission discovery items are items that give a crafting mission when used. The rewards for these crafting missions are of much higher quality (called wealthy yields) and take roughly 2.5 hours to complete. Players are always on the lookout for these items as they will guarantee a good bounty of items to use for crafting. Mission discovery items are usually received through the slicing crew skill but can be found on a drop. All mission discoveries are either blue or purple and are labeled by crew skill. They also vary in level with the higher levels selling for more credits on the auction house. Examples include: Mission Discovery: Archaeology, Mission Discovery: Diplomacy (Dark), and Mission Diplomacy: Scavenging.


Medpacs are a great source of income on the auction house in SWTOR. Players of every level need medpacs, and they will buy them off the auction house if they are better than what vendors can provide. Potential money-makers are reusable medpacs, ranging from the low level Reusable Compact Medpac to the high level Reusable Ultimate Medpac. Reusable medpacs require certain levels of biochem, but there are other good selling medpacs for everybody else such as Energized Medpac or Prototype Squad Recovery Med Unit.


Implants are the next item in our top five auction house list. Implants make the cut because they sell exactly like earpieces. Players with level 50 characters are looking for the best possible implants, but players with characters in the mid-levels are also looking for good implants as that implants do not become readily available until higher levels. You can sell, for a nice profit, lower level implants such as the Tactile Combat D-Package, or shoot for the moon with high level implants such as the Columi Combat Medic's Enhancer or the Columi Survivor's Motivator.

swtor top five auction house items
Even mid-level items can be worth some decent credits.

Crafting Materials

The last item in our top five auction house items in SWTOR is crafting materials. There is always a demand for crafting materials. People may love crafting, but they usually hate to gather the tons of materials needed to crank out items. Personally, I would concentrate on rank 3 or higher materials to sell on the auction house. While most crew skill categories will sell well, I've noticed that there is a lot of demand (at least on my server) for materials from bioanalyis (medicinal fluid, mutagenic paste), diplomacy (radioactive paste, experimental serum), treasure hunting (krayt dragon pearl, corusca gem), and underworld trading (mandalorian iron, nanosilk).

There you have it, fellow Jedi and Sith, our list of the top five auction house items in SWTOR. You'll earn a ship full of credits if you start working on selling these items. Of course, nothing is certain in the galaxy so your server may have different demands. Keep checking the auction house and see what's selling and for how much. While some items may wax or wane in their popularity, things that players use all the time, such as crafting materials or medpacs. should always be able to command a good premium. With any luck, you'll be richer than the Hutts and be able to buy your own little pleasure planet!