Top Five Races That Should be Playable in SWTOR

swtor top five races that should be playable

One of the most fascinating aspects of Star Wars is the sheer amount of alien races to be found within the confines of a galaxy far, far away. As someone who saw the original movie in the theater when it was initially released, I can honestly say that people were literally blown away by the vast array of alien races shown on screen. The cantina scene was considered the most memorable movie scene of all time and still ranks extremely high over thirty years later. Fortunately for us gamers, the plethora of alien races also exists in SWTOR. Players have a choice ranging from the normal human to Chiss to Twi'lek. However, there is room for more player choices, and takes a look at the top five alien races that should be available to players.

I love character customization options in MMOs, and the more there are, the happier I am. While player character races are initially limited by faction and class, you can unlock any currently available race through the Legacy system by hitting level 50 with that race. BioWare has also announced that the Cathar will soon make an appearance as a playable race in SWTOR. This is all good, but I'm greedy for more choices for races.

This list of the top five races is my own personal choice, and some of the choices were made for tongue-in-cheek reasons. I also lean a great deal on the original movies as that I absolutely love the original trilogy (don't get me stated on the prequels!) and have seen them more times than I care to admit. So, without further ado, let's look at the top five alien races that should be playable in SWTOR.


Our first choice of playable races is a no-brainer. Wookiees have been with Star Wars since the beginning and were even the focal point of the eye-gouging and atrocious Star Wars Holiday Special. As an alien race, wookiees are bad-ass to the extreme with their ferocious strength and mighty roars and growls. Just the thought of playing a melee DPS as a wookiee makes me want to start tearing the limbs off of droids. Just think about it; the coolest character to be able to hang with Han Solo was Chewbacca.

Wookiees would make awesome Smugglers and Bounty Hunters. However, they would have to be armed with a mighty bowcaster and not some pansy blaster pistol. After you would unlock the race by hitting level 50, just imagine running around with a Jedi wookiee. Priceless.

Racial Ability: Tearing off droid limbs when losing holochess


The second alien race on our list for SWTOR is ewoks. The reason why I chose this race of furry aggravation is to simply annoy other players. I absolutely hate the ewoks, watching in horror as they dragged down my enjoyment of Return of the Jedi. Watching their stone-age weapons handily defeat futuristic armor and vehicles made me hate them all the more. Yes, I laughed out loud in the theater when the AT-ST killed a few of those mangy creatures.

Despite my hate, ewoks are an established race in Star Wars and I'm not too proud to admit that I even watched their dopey tv movies (Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure and Ewoks: The Battle for Endor). The thought of playing an ewok trooper fills me with unholy glee for some reason. I want to run throughout the galaxy as an ewok and brandishing the hugest weapons found in the game. Plus, I also want to stand around on the fleet station doing the yub-nub dance for hours, collecting death threats from other players.

Racial ability: Yub nub dance of aggravation


Alien race number three is the Ithorians. The reason why I picked them for SWTOR is purely cosmetic; I think that they're one of the coolest looking races in Star Wars and were first seen in the Mos Eisley cantina on Tatooine. Most people know them better as "Hammerheads" due to their head shape. It is to my everlasting regret that I was never able to get a Hammerhead action figure when I was a kid.

Ithorians would definitely have to start out as a Republic playable race as the Sith Empire disdains non-humans. Still, it would be fun to unlock this race and play a Sith Inquisitor ithorian. Fun fact: ithorians can speak in stereo due to them having two mouths and four throats. I'm not holding out hopes for this race due to the huge amount of work needed to alter gear to appear correctly on them.

Racial ability: Migraine-inducing evil-eye glare


The fourth alien race on our list might seem strange, but I do think playing as a hutt would be doable. They are perfect for Smugglers or Bounty Hunters. Besides, who wouldn't want to slime around with their magnificent bulk ordering minions to do their dirty work for them? If you were playing as a hutt, just imagine how pimped out your personal starship would be. You would definitely have your own personal throne room where your companions/slaves would be forced to entertain you.

I have a love/hate relationship to the hutt race. On one hand, I think they're terrific as slimy villains with their gluttonous appetites and disdain for others. However, growing up as a fat kid, I hate them as that their introduction to the Star Wars universe opened up a whole new avenue of mocking from other kids. (I'm sure every fat kid raised in the 1970s and '80s would love to punch Lucas in the nads for Jabba the Hutt!) All in all, it would amuse me a great deal to work my way up as a Jedi Consular as a hutt.

Racial ability: Evil laugh and nasty tongue slobber

Mon Calamari

Our final entry on our list of alien races that should be playable in SWTOR is the mon calamari. I chose them for several reasons. One, I thought they were an interesting race when they appeared in Return of the Jedi with Admiral Ackbar and made quite an impression on me. Another reason is that their starship design is very unique and I would love to see their style of ships added to SWTOR. The last reason is that I would insanely love to run around yelling, "It's a trap!" wherever I go. Yes, I know I have a problem.

Mon calamari would start out as a playable race for the Republic faction, but could be useful to the Sith Empire when the race is unlocked for every class. While mon calamari are normally peaceful explorers, who's to say that there aren't bad seeds among them who would be willing to work with the Sith? Like all fish, it's hard to tell when they go bad. (I can hear your groans at my bad pun even as I type this.)

Racial ability: Yelling, "It's a trap!"

There you have it, my top five alien races that should be playable in SWTOR. While some choices are made for humorous reasons, others were made because they're too damn cool as an alien race not to used by players. One day, other players will fear my ewok Bounty Hunter or wig out at the sight of my hutt Trooper. Do you have any particular alien race in mind that I didn't list? Let me know in the comments below.

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