Top Five Valuable Items in Patch 1.3

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swtor top five valuable items in patch 1.3

While the upcoming patch 1.3 for SWTOR doesn't match the scale of patch 1.2, there are quite a number of great things heading players' way. Which new items will players chase after in a frenzy of desire? How will changes in the game make older items more coveted? To that end, looks at the five most valuable items in parch 1.3 for SWTOR.

As we've mentioned before, as with our look at the top five most valuable items in patch 1.2, this list is purely subjective. What we see as valuable may or may not be valuable to you, your guild, or your server and there is no ultimate guide to hoarding valuable items for resale. The key factor to successful item trade post-patch will be planning ahead to determine items that will raise in value as demand increases for new content (consumables and augments for instance) as well as new items that will become available in the new patch that players will be rushing to obtain. Now that's out of the way, let's take a look at the top five most valuable items in patch 1.3.

Augmentation Kits

Probably one of the biggest changes coming in patch 1.3 for SWTOR is the ability for players to add an augments slot to green level gear or higher. To do this, players will need both credits and an augmentation kits to enhance a piece of gear at an Item Modification Table. Players will be able to craft augmentation kits using Armstech, Armormech, and Synthweaving. To create an augmentation kit, players will need ten components that are gathered from reverse engineering crafted gear. The kits and components will be grouped by tier, with the reverse engineered items yielding components of the appropriate tier.

swtor top five valuable items in patch 1.3

This is a huge change which will further allow item customization for everybody in SWTOR. The augmentation kits will be BoE and players with the appropriate crafting skills will be able to purchase schematics from their trainers. There should be a tremendous demand for these augmentation kits and it will be interesting to see what prices they will command.


As that the crafting update in patch 1.3 will make augmentation kits incredibly valuable, then the demand for augments will increase dramatically as well. With the ability for players to add an augment slot to gear that didn't have it before, many more players will be seeking out augments to beef up their equipment. All levels of augments will see a rise in demand, from the humble Resolve Augments to the Advanced Accuracy Augments. Wily players will take advantage of this increased demand by having an ample supply ready to sell.


Mods have always been a popular item, but they will become more so in patch 1.3. The reason for this upswing will be the fact that the cost to extract mods will be decreasing. Instead of paying a king's ransom to extract a great mod from a rare loot drop, you'll be able to pay somewhat less for the extraction and still be able to put food on your table. It seems that extraction costs will be lowered by 30% in the patch, which should save players a decent amount of credits. While this change won't affect crafting or the auction house, it will empower players to more often seek out rare drops to scavenge them for useful mods now that the price to do so will be lower.

Expertise Related Items

When patch 1.3 for SWTOR hits, expertise related items will continue to be extremely valuable. The primary reason is that while players need expertise items to have any chance in PvP when they hit 50, the fact that you can now add an augment slot to said gear makes them that much better. No longer will you have to rely upon getting a critical crafting result to give you an augment slot on your expertise gear, but now you will be able to just add it with an augmentation kit.

swtor top five valuable items in patch 1.3

As there is no new content in the upcoming patch for capped players, the demand for PvP will not diminish. As such, players will continue to grind for the next best set of expertise gear and adding augment slots from everything from the basic Recruit gear to the Battlemaster gear.


With the new systems being introduced in patch 1.3, players will definitely be partaking in more operations and flashpoints to get their hands on gear to augment and mods, not to mention the continued playing of PvP. This means that consumables will continue to be in great demand and be extremely valuable to players. Everything from medpacs to stims to adrenals will be devoured by players to bolster their chances in whichever endeavor they choose to undertake. Since the best items drop from bosses at the highest difficulty, players will want to be fully stocked up on consumables.

While patch 1.2 had a major impact upon SWTOR, there's still quite a bit to look forward to in patch 1.3. As always, certain items will become extremely valuable to players and the upcoming patch is no exception. While there is no new major gear to be released, players will be clamoring for the new augmentation kits, which will lead to increased demand for augments. Decreased extraction costs will make mods found in rare drops more coveted and players will look to expand the abilities of their expertise related gear. The increased play of flashpoints and operations should result in the continued popularity of consumables. One word of caution; since the ability to create augment slots is upcoming, you might want to begin to sell off your crit crafted gear while prices are still good. Once patch 1.3 hits, the prices for those will most likely drop. All in all, the items above will be greatly desired by players and should find their way to the top of the item food chain.