Two Prime Chest Farming Locales

star wars the old republic two prime chest farming locales

Credits make the galaxy go around in SWTOR, no matter if you're a hard-bitten Bounty Hunter or a wily Smuggler. Every character needs credits, and the more, the merrier. Having the best gear and vehicles cost a lot of coin, not to mention forays on the Galactic Trade Network or high stakes games of sabacc in the back corner of smoke-filled cantinas. In an effort to pump up your bank account to where even a Hutt will blush, is here to showcase two prime farming locales.

There are a lot of ways to make credits in SWTOR, ranging from working the auction house to doing daily quests to farming. While some people may farm crafting materials from various nodes, I like to farm by opening chests and grabbing credits and loot. To that end, let's look at two locations that are great for chest farming. One location is good for both factions, while the other is for Imperials.


Our first prime chest farming locale in SWTOR is found on Corellia. In the Labor Valley region of Corellia, there are a total of ten chests just waiting to be plucked for their riches by players. The location for the chests lie between the Imperial War Camp and the Republic Base, with the chests being closer to the Imperial War Camp. Keep an eye out as you go around looting these chests as the area is contested and you never know when the other faction may show up.

Most of the chests can be looted without you having to fight any mobs, but a few of them will require some combat. Each of chests drops around 3000 credits and at least one item, usually green. You should be able to do a full circuit of the chests in about 8 to 10 minutes, with some variation due to combat and such. The one downside of this area is that the respawn of the chests has been changed from roughly 7-8 minutes to 20 minutes. While this respawn change is annoying, it is still profitable chest farming area. In a single run, I normally farmed roughly 32,000 credits, not to mention the additional credits for selling off the items looted. I used the time waiting for the chests to respawn to fight some of the mobs in the area and grabbing whatever I could off of them.

star wars the old republic two prime chest farming locales

Chest Locations:

  • Chests 1&2: -3334, -1754
  • Chest 3: -3215, -1770
  • Chest 4: -3368, -2032
  • Chest 5: -3565, -1793
  • Chest 6: -3557, -2044
  • Chest 7: -3776, -2135
  • Chest 8: -2715, -2120
  • Chest 9: -2650, -2032
  • Chest 10: -2716, -1706

Flashpoint: Boarding Party

Our second prime farming area in SWTOR that will yield a lot of credits is the Boarding Party flashpoint. Sorry Jedis, but this flashpoint is Imperial only. This is a great place to farm as that, once you finish the mission, you can immediately do it again. To do this flashpoint, you will need to complete the Call to Arms mission, which is given to you by X1-02, who is found outside the mission departures elevator on the Imperial Fleet. You will then travel to the White Nova ship (using the interfleet transport system) and begin your flashpoint.

What makes this flashpoint so great for farming is that the chests are guaranteed to be there and you'll have no competition for them. In the flashpoint, there are 8 chests total. Five of them are smaller and give anywhere from 1000 to 2000 credits and items. The three large chests give from 2500 to 5500 credits and items. The items range from green upwards and you are guaranteed to get a number of orange items as well. In addition, there are two boss chests that, while not giving many credits, do give some good items. Most of the mobs in the flashpoint you'll be able to just run by (if you're level 50). The various bosses that you'll have to fight can drop some decent loot as well. You'll be able to bypass most of the elites with no problem. Just work on defeating the bosses and start counting your credits. Totally ignore doing any of the bonus quests. Once you finish dealing with the final bosses, you'll be able to exit the flashpoint at the entrance to the bridge (shown on map below).

Running through the flashpoint takes around 20 to 25 minutes. Between the chests and the items you loot, you should gain around 45,000 to 50,000 credits. In the last three runs I did, the credit totals were 49K, 50K, and 47K. All that and a little bit of Dark Side points at the end. (It's always fun to waste Republic enemies.)

Below are some maps showing the locations of the chests.

star wars the old republic two prime chest farming locales

star wars the old republic two prime chest farming locales

star wars the old republic two prime chest farming locales

Chest farming can be extremely profitable in SWTOR and can earn a player a pleasure barge full of credits. Both Republic and Sith Empire can enjoy the fruits of the chests found on Corellia, and Imperials have the luxury of a nice chest-laden flashpoint they can farm over and over again. Now that you know where some credits-filled chests are located, get out there and grab them!


So last night I tried out your suggestion and took my 50 inquisitor through "boarding party". Initially, out of habit I started taking down all the trash. After a few minutes I slapped myself in the forehead and said to myself "Get the chests, you big dummy!!" So from that point forward, I only engaged when I was attacked and then for bosses. The final credit tally after selling off the loot, was just over 45k. I will be going back for more. Thanks for the excellent article. It gets old doing the dailies, and this was a nice diversion.

So where do you sell the gear you get from the FP to NPC's or on the GTN nevermind ill just do both.
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I sell to both, depending upon the item. If the item is nothing special, I'll just vendor it. I do pick up some missions inside the FP and those I'll put on the GTN.

Thanks for posting it. now between the chinese prisoner credit farmers and the nubs there is 0 chance of banging a chest run off ever. Why the @#%#$ do people feel the need to share this stuff?

You DO realize that the later (and most productive) one is an instance, right?

They must have trashed this since f2p... hanger deck 2nd large box is gone command deck only has the boss box 22,807c from box's and a few extra elite mobs, 36,747c after selling gear. And you have to do the bonus portions if you want the extra boss

hey alot of chests arent in the locations anymore. you should really post and updated one sence cap is now 55, im sure there is even better creds to make now!!

Yes, several chests are gone. I just solo'd with a comp (Lvl 45 DPS). Yielded over 50K Creds with sales of gear. Make sure your inventory is empty or you have a field repair droid to sell in the middle.

another chest location on Corellia -1885 -3195

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