Veteran Tips for New SWTOR Players

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The Old Republic has been receiving a steady influx of new players since the FTP launch, many of whom have trouble keeping up with established players that have been around since launch day. This is on top of having limitations such as the reduction in XP and removal of many of the everyday conveniences for those who stick with FTP. Below we’ve compiled a few tips that the veterans (and now you) use to make life a little more efficient in the Old Republic.

·      When you kill an enemy, you can tell what kind of loot they have by the color of the glowing beam coming out of their corpse. The color will correspond to the highest quality item there (i.e. Blue, purple or orange).

·      To make looting a lot easier and faster turn on auto-loot and area-loot in options. You will now automatically pick up everything from downed enemies inventory, and any other corpses in the area.

·      Field Revives are now limited to 5 per character, and you’ll have to buy more from the Cartel Market or GTN when you run out. Try to group up for quests and don’t take on too much to avoid running out of Revives and having to spawn all the way at the medical center.

·      If your companion dies in combat don’t revive them as it takes around 3 seconds to channel. Instead simply dismiss and summon them again so they return immediately at full health.

·      Free up a quickbar slot by removing sprint. Once sprint is activated you can delete it from your quickbar and it will remain active.

·      F2P accounts have a credit cap of 200k credits, while preferred status (someone who has purchased something from the Cartel Market) players have a cap of 350k.

·      When companions want to talk to you, there will be an icon overlaying their character bubble in the corner of the screen. Most times you will have to be in a cantina or on your ship before they will talk.

·      Heroic missions mean you’ll usually need more than one player to complete it. The difficulty is denoted by the number beside it (i.e. Heroic 4), which is also the recommended number of people needed to complete the quest. Many Heroic 2 quests can be completed with a companion so if there is no one around at the time give it a shot.

·      Think about whether you want to align yourself with the light or dark side early on. By sticking with that decision throughout the leveling process you should be fully aligned to that side when you reach maximum level, allowing you to purchase all of the Light or Dark side vendor items.

·      Since F2P players don’t get an Emergency Fleet pass, save up your credits and level your legacy to purchase the various quicktravel locations available. Doing so will make getting around the galaxy a lot less painful, especially in the later levels.

·      Always keep a supply of medpacs in your inventory, especially if you’re not a healing advanced class. You never know when you’ll need a quick shot of health, and now that Fields Revives are limited they are even more important.

These are only a few tips to help out those new to the galaxy with some of the basic features of the game. If you’ve got some words of advice be sure to leave them in the comments below!