Warzone Guide: Ancient Hypergate

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The Ancient Hypergate is a battle for control over two Gree hypergates, which when activated will allow the instantaneous transport of the winning faction’s reinforcements. There’s a dark twist to the whole affair however, the gates can only be powered up by killing the opposing team’s players and harvesting their “energy” with an activated pylon. If all this seems a little strange and complicated then you’ve come to the right place as we lay out the rules and some helpful tips for the Ancient Hypergate Warzone.

The Map

The Ancient Hypergate map is fairly straightforward and small. Teams start out in spawn zones to the North and South and can access the map to the east or west via two timed doors. To the East and West are the pylons surrounded by various bits of rubble. The central chamber is located between the two pylons and can be access from either side via two large openings. The central chamber is also where the safe zone is when the pulse wave goes off, and where the energy cubes are located.

Game Rules

The match is a race to 600 energy; the first team to accomplish this will activate their hypergate allowing reinforcements to come through. Gaining energy is accomplished by killing enemy players while having control of at least one pylon (capturing the pylon does give some energy as well) when the death pulse goes off.

Capturing a pylon is done by channeling it for roughly 6 seconds. The pylons emit their death pulse every 2.5 minutes, and when this happens all kills accumulated before then will be added to your energy score. Until then all the kills made by your team are only “potential energy”, meaning if you lose control of all your pylons and the blast goes off you will not receive any energy for those kills. The potential and actual energy levels can be seen on the Warzone UI; the actual levels being the solid bar, and the potential being the line with the arrow.

There is one other way to gain energy; this is by collecting the energy cubes inside the central chamber and bringing them to a pylon that your team controls. The benefit of the cubes is that once they are deposited at the pylon the energy is immediately added to your actual energy levels. If you lose that pylon before the wave goes off you will retain the energy from the cube.

As mentioned before the pylons emit a blast wave every 2.5 minutes. The only safe place from the blast if you’re on the field is the central chamber. After the blast is over both pylons will be reset and must be recaptured.

Every round the amount received for each kill, pylon capture, and energy cube will increase. Starting at x3, the multiplier will increase by 1 each time a round is completed (when the pulse wave goes off).


The Ancient Hypergate UI has all the information you need to know what’s going on in the match. The timer at the top indicates how much time is left before the pylons emit their death pulse. The two large circles represent the pylons, and will be red if the enemy controls it, green if you control it, and grey if neutral. Below that are the energy bars which show both your potential and actual energy levels. To the right is the score multiplier which shows you how much kills, captures, and cubes are currently worth.


·         Always keep an eye on the clock and leave a good amount of time to get back to the central chamber. Chances are you are going to get knocked back or slowed on your way.

·         Protect your Pylon. If you notice no one’s keeping an eye on your pylon, hang back and play some defense. If you lose it and the timer expires all those kills will go to waste, giving the enemy a huge lead.

·         Use your slows and knockbacks liberally. If you’re a class with a knockback stand near the entrance to the central chamber when the death pulse is going off and blast any enemies back into it when they try to get to safety. The same goes for slows. If you see an enemy running for cover slow them, it may be just enough to get them caught in the open.

·         Collect Cubes. If you notice the battle is raging at the enemy teams pylon use the distraction to collect some cubes and run them to yours. They may not give the largest dividends of energy but they are guaranteed and every little bit helps.